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Is Esther Satterfield the singer from the 1970s still alive?

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According to allmusic.com, Esther Satterfield, who came to prominence in the 1970's singing with Chuck Mangione on such songs as Chase The Clouds Away and The Land of Make Believe is still alive, though she does not appear to be active in the recording industry at this time.

Other than Land of Make Believe the only other album I've seen is called "Once I loved" and I saw it on e-bay for $7.50

Yes. Esther Sattefield is still alive. She married her late husband Jake Jordan and now is known as Esther Jordan. She had 6 children and currently resides in Maryland
This is great to hear!
Maybe if her children are grown she will starting singing again.
The need to Be is one of her best tunes recorded in1976 for her album. Gladys Knight re-recorded this tune in 2009
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