Is France in France spelled France or la France?

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In France
wrong> The form 'la France' is the most common.
J'habite en France = I live in France
J'aime la France, vive la France = I love France, long live France.
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Why is France named France?

France was named after a Germanic tribe, the"Franks" , who settled in Northern France, and whose kingscame to preeminence after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Franks held a large territory in nowadays Belgium, NorthernFrance and down to Paris. At the time the word "Frank" also meant'free'. In re (MORE)

What is La France d'Outre Mere about?

France d'Outre Mer . This refers to French 'départements' overseas ('outre mer'). They count as an integral part of France and are respresented in the National Assembly. Key examples include: La Réunion (island in the Indian Ocean), Guadeloupe and (French Guiana).

What is a franc?

A franc is the main unit of currency, formerly used in France, andcurrently used in the following countries: Burundi, Congo, Switzerland, Djibouti, Guinea, Comoros, Rwanda,Central African Republic

Where is France?

France is located in Western Europe and is bordered by: Belgium and Luxembourg to the north, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the east, The Mediterranean Sea and Spain to the south and the Atlantic ocean to the west. It is the second largest country in Europe (the first in western Europe and in the (MORE)

How do you spell France in french?

In French, you spell the word France the same way as you would inEnglish: "France." Though spelled the same, the word is pronounceddifferently among the languages. France, officially the Frenchrepublic, is a country in western Europe commonly referred to asl'Hexagone (meaning "The Hexagon" in Englis (MORE)

What do you where in France?

France sent Denim jeans to California in the 1500 so workers could have something to wear and they became more and more popular now people in France wear them sometimes and girls wear dresses to represent the culture.

What is there to do in France?

In France, you can visit wonderful places, eat delicious food, discover a new language, there's so many things to do in France!

What to do in France?

There are many activities that families can participate in, whilein France, including visiting museums. People can also visit themeparks, and visit the Eiffel Tower.

When was France named France?

France was named France in 987 (prior to this date it was known as West Francia) after the name of the people that has invided and populated northern Gauls, the "Franks".

Where is la Loire in France?

La Loire is France's longest river (1013 km). It starts in the Massif Central (a mountain range in south-central France), flows north until Orléans and then west to Nantes and the Atlantic ocean.

Who found France and why is it called France?

There is no record for the first person having set the foot in France as it is inhabited since Prehistoric times. The name "France" itself was given after a Germanic tribe, the Franks having settled in Northern France, whose kings came to preeminence after the fall of the Roman Empire.

What does France have?

France has French Kisses, Festival de Cannes, French language, Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel), and of course a beautiful first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

How do you spell you're welcome in France?

- 'thank you' - you're welcome = 'merci' - je vous en prie you are welcome in France = "vous êtes les bienvenus en France". after "merci" (thank you), it means "de rien"

How can get to France?

The easiest way to get to France is by flight. There are plenty of airlines that make regular international flights in France, usually Paris making it one of the busiest in the world. If you are departing from the Eastern coast of the U.S. it should be about a nine hour flight to Paris. Another way (MORE)

What is la creche in France?

La crèche can be: - the nativity scene - or: - a place where they look after young children allowing parents togo to work.

What do you have to do in France?

Can you rephrase your sentence if you mean that what is there to do in France i can help. There is the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. Arc De Triumph The Louvre Museum Disney Land winery's gardens and so much more I HOPED THIS HELPED! If you meant something else please re write it and i will happily try to a (MORE)

Where in France is La stadium?

there are several sports arenas with the name stadium. By order of celebrity among French people: le Stade de France, in Saint-Denis just North of Paris; le Stadium Toulousain, Toulouse, Southern France; le Stadium Nord, Villeneuve d'Asq, near Lille in Northern France

Was France always called France?

No, it hasn't. At the time of the Roman Empire, it was called 'Gaul' in reference to the Gaulish tribes living there. The rising of the Frankish tribe at the time and after the fall of the roman empire slowly changed the name, in reference to the Franks. A few examples: In 843: Francie occi (MORE)

Why was La Rochelle in France establish?

La Rochelle was established in 1130 as a consequence of Guillaume XDuke of Aquitaine victory over Isembert de Chatelaillon. GuillaumeX , In 1137 made La Rochelle a free port.

When was the franc changed to the euro in France?

The Euro was officially introduced on 1 January 1999. From that point onwards, both the French Franc and the Euro were legal tender in France. On 1 January 2002 franc coins and notes were withdrawn from circulation and the Euro became the sole legal currency.

Aime tu la France?

Oui, J'aime bien la France :) P.S. if it was translation you were looking for it means "Do you like France?" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were answering you could also say,"Oui, J'aime la France" without bien.

Is New France the same as France?

New France is not the same as France, but a former colony of it. New France was the area controlled by the French, stretching from nowadays Quebec to New Orleans, Louisiana, through the plains of what is now the US.

Does La France have coasts?

France has coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, on the English Channel, and on the Mediterranean Sea for mainland France. The country is ranked 13th by the length of its coastlines (12,841 km)

What has The president of France done for France?

So far President Sarkozy has engaged a huge amount of reforms. A few of them are viable, even fewer are the one which actually took effect. Mainly his right-winged policy aims at reducing the cost of the public services, first come: - Health care - Justice - National Education Also th (MORE)

How does France gain new France?

New France, currently the State of Quebec in Canada, was founded by French settlers as the first French colony in Northern America in the late 16th century following its discovery by Cartier who had been send by King Francis I of France in order to map the and later colonize the western part of Nort (MORE)

Is New France in France?

No, what was New France is currently known as the Province of Quebec (in Canada), its former name of New France was given when the French first settled there in the sixteenth century.

What did New France depend on France for?

they basically depend on France for women so they were able to populate new France they didn't really depend on it France depended on new France for suplys so they could make it into goods that they could sell to south america. it was the triangle trade -martin

How do you spell Frances?

That is one form of the female given name Frances. The variant Francis is used mainly as a male name.

What city in France rhymes with France?

Quite a few. My daughter was born in Coutances; I have visited Fleurance (which is hardly a city in terms of size); there is also Ance in the South-West, and Vence and many more.

Why did they call France France?

The name France comes from Franks (Francs in French) this is an old Germanic people that invaded the Roman Gaul just after the end of the Roman empire. They created a realm which can be concidered as the ancestor of the French state, France.