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Is Maureen Johnson writing a sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes?

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Yes. It's going to be called 'Last Little Blue Envelope'. The release date is TBA. I am anxious.
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Is gathering blue the sequel to The Giver?

The novel forms a loose trilogy with two other books set in the same future era: Gathering Blue (2000) and Messenger (2004). A fourth book titled Son is in preparation in 2012

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Envelopes in a dream signifies anticipation or opportunity. Unopened envelopes indicates sad news or missed opportunities. The color blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, e

When will Jeff Long write the sequel to Deeper?

Unknown yet (nothing on his website) but it as Deeper and the Decent are probably his most profitable books, he will write another in time. Judging by the timeline he will be

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My name is Thomas Bogo Sr, I has a 1958 Oldsmobile super 88 fiesta station wagon , white & purple that came from Texas to Ohio in 1964. I discover on the rear tailgate, there

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You should write "Your Name" Resume on the envelope and possibly  the position you are applying for, so it can be easily identified  when the person is ready to review it. W

How much is a 13 cent liberty tree envelope worth?

The postage value is 14 cents if unused, so you would have to add  stamps to bring it up to the current cost to mail it.. The value to  a collector is going to be minimal, i