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No it is not the same thing, here are some excerpts to help explain:

Decoupage is done by adding a coat of Mod Podge with a foam brush to the item that is to be covered. You then add your papers in any direction, shape or form that you like. After that portion is dried, you add another coat of the Mod Podge on top of the papers to seal it. This is especially helpful if you know it will be handled frequently. It applies a protective layer and keeps the ends from peeling up. Mod Podge is a definite must-have in the altered-art world.
PVA (polyvinyl acetate) is another product that has been around for quite a while, but doesn't quite have the recognition it deserves. This glue looks the same as Mod Podge, but acts a little differently. PVA isn't usually used as a sealer because it doesn't dry quite as thick. It does, however, adhere paper to just about any surface. When used in conjunction with a brayer (mini rubber rolling pin) it will apply your papers smoothly without air bubbles. I can't do an altered project without this product being used somewhere. It doesn't have a very strong odor, so it can be used indoors with ease. If you prefer the "sticking power" of PVA, but also want the sealer, you can use the PVA on bottom and the Mod Podge on top--a killer combination in my opinion. Both are water based for easy cleanup.

Elmer's Glue-All, commonly called Elmer's Glue, is a glue based on an emulsion of polyvinyl acetate, useful for porous materials such as wood, cardboard, paper, and cloth. It hardens through evaporation of water. While Elmer's white glue used to have a different formulation based on a milk protein (casein), that is no longer true.[1] The product is now derived solely from petrochemical feedstock.
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmer%27s_Products,_Inc. Classic Mod Podge
The original Mod Podge® formula that's a glue, sealer and finish all in one! Use this crafting favorite to decoupage almost anything on wood, glass, terra cotta, metal, canvas and more, then seal with a top coat of Mod Podge. Projects dry to a protective matte or gloss finish. Available in multiple sizes to suit any project including a gallon bottle for group projects or classes.

Other types of Mod Podge types:
All About Mod Podge
Classic Mod Podge-- Hard Coat Mod Podge-- Satin Finish Mod Podge-- BrushStroke Mod Podge-- Fabric Mod Podge-- Paper Mod Podge-- Outdoor Mod Podge-- Sparkle Mod Podge-- Puzzle Saver Mod Podge
* http://www.plaidonline.com/apmp.asp
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Is Mod Podge the same as elmers glue?

No you can use glossy or matte modpodge to seal your finished art and it will protect the piece as if you had used varnish - elmers glue will not do that for you. You can u

Is PVA glue the same as elmers Glue?

Yes it is. Maybe very minor differences in different makers.

How to make mod podge at home?

White school glue and water. mix enough water to make it a nice runny paint like consistency. It will go on looking 'filmy' but dries clear, make sure to cover your whole serv

What store can you get Mod Podge glue?

I have seen it in many hobby stores, hardware stores and Walmart.

Can elmers glue glue clay?

Elmer's does not make a very good joint with clay. Many potters that I know use epoxy or silicone to repair their broken pots.

How do you make glossy mod podge at home?

White craft glue (such as Elmer's) plus water - about half and half, though I like to put a little less water. Put in a jar, cap, shake until well mixed. For a bit of gloss, a

What is a mod podge glue?

Mod podge is a thick glue that can stick many different materials and also act as a sealant over photos etc.