Is U2 the best rock band in the world?

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No! Why would you think that a band with such a broad political agenda would be the best band in the world? Same as Sinead O'Connor. Name more than 3 songs off the top of you head that they sing. I'll bet 90% of people cannot
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What is the Best rock band in the world?

The Wanted, Rhianna, Green Day and Skilet I don't think Rhianna is a rock band and as for the best I would say that is for you to decide. IMO its Avenged Sevenfold but your o

Are the rock band U2 British?

No, they are Irish no there from dublin Ireland ,which is not part of Britain The band met when all four were in Ireland where they all grew up. However two of the members

Who are the best rock band in the world?

It would have to be either Led Zep or Queen. But, then again there would be no Zep or Queen without the Beatles. It is a draw between The Beatles, Led Zep, and Queen. Answe

What is The worlds best rock band?

Well the term rock is quite loose! It goes from pop-punk to death metal and all genres in between so going by that logic the best rock band (well their actually screamo but

Best rock band in the world?

the beatles The best part about this is that you can judge this yourself. Some say the beatles some say Atreyu, and some say Avenged Sevenfold. This is your taste in music
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Is U2 considered an alternative rock band?

U2 was played first by alternative stations. The band crossed-over to the album rock format and to pop stations in the early 1980's. U2 also became a top pop group by 1987, an