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Is Waffle House open Thanksgiving Day?

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All Waffle House restaurants are open 24 / 7 / 365. They never close, even on Christmas. Just tip generously. :-)
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What stores are open on Thanksgiving Day?

Where I live in Florida- Walmart, Kmart, Walgreen's, Waffle House, most fast food restaurants and conveinence stores were open. Some places such as KFC closed early.

Is Meijer open Thanksgiving day?

Meijer stores are open all day on Thanksgiving Day. They are open364 days a year for 24 hours a day. They are not open on Christmas.

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Is McDonald's open on Thanksgiving Day?

Certain branches of McDonald's are open on Thanksgiving Day for people who are traveling. It depends on the area and the branch.

Is Wendy's open on Thanksgiving Day?

Wendy's is not open on Thanksgiving day. However, they are open theday after on Black Friday, which is usually a busy day, becausethere are people who go shopping the day afte