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Is a 3 inch penis long enough for sexual intercourse?

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It's plenty long enough for a dachshund, not nearly long enough for a humpback whale. For humans, an undersized male generally has no problem ejaculating during intercourse and impregnating the female. His partner's sexual satisfaction is another matter, however.

I have three inches erect and about one inch flaccid. The length is not an issue, but the width is. I have about one inch diameter and it is not enough. Most women will not feel that and you will not feel it either. Best to find ways to have sex outside of a woman - like mutual masturbation. I knew a woman once who liked to watch me masturbate and then use a vibrator on herself.
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Fowl smell from penis after sexual intercourse?

This is a some-what common issue. It cannot really be helped. The smell could be a variation of things such as sweat or sperm. No one is going to smell like a flower petal aft
3 inch penis is enough to born baby?

3 inch penis is enough to born baby?

I think your asking if you can get a woman pregnant with a 3 inch penis. If you produce sperm you can usually have a baby.

Is 3 inch penis enough for Bangladeshi girls?

Idealy 3" penis is not a bad option. What matters is the drive and the passion to do it. Scientificly sensational tissue ( cells who are responsibe for feel of pleasure) are p

What is maximum length of penis for sexual intercourse?

there is no maximum length. but the bigger then penis the more pleasure. a good size with an erection is 6-8 inches however this is for a man with an already 3-4 size penis. s
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How long does sexual intercourse last?

It depends on the two participants. If the boy is eager, he is sure to ejaculate fast and lose grip . Also when the girl is exitingly sensational for the boy, then also even b