Is a 3 inch penis long enough for sexual intercourse?

Is a 3 inch penis long enough for sexual intercourse?
It's plenty long enough for a dachshund, not nearly long enough for a humpback whale. For humans, an undersized male generally has no problem ejaculating during intercourse and impregnating the female. His partner's sexual satisfaction is another matter, however.

I have three inches erect and about one inch flaccid. The length is not an issue, but the width is. I have about one inch diameter and it is not enough. Most women will not feel that and you will not feel it either. Best to find ways to have sex outside of a woman - like mutual masturbation. I knew a woman once who liked to watch me masturbate and then use a vibrator on herself.
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How many gallons of water in a 3 inch pipe 8 feet long?

To find the volume of a cylinder (in this case the pipe) we use the equation for the area of the end circle (pi*r^2) and multiply it by the length of the cylinder (h). This gi (MORE)

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How many gallons of water in a 3 inch pipe 10 feet long?

Assume the "3 inch" is the pipe's inside diameter.    Capacity = (pi x R2 x L) = (pi x 1.52 x 120) cubic inches.    1 gallon = 231 cubic inches.    Gallons capa (MORE)

How many gallons of water in a 3 inch pipe by one foot long?

radius squared times pie times length = cubic inches   1.5 x 1.5 x 12 = 84.78 cubic inches   There is 231 cubic inches in a gallon, therefore 84.78 divided by 231 = .36 (MORE)
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Is your hair long enough to braid? can be just about any length to be braided. so, yeah. pretty much...
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How many liters in a 3 inch pipe 800 meters long?

Firstly, we need the voulme of that pipe, which is going to need us to settle on a common unit. I prefer metric, and you need a metric answer anyway, so 3" is 7.62 cm. 800 m i (MORE)

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