Is a Goodman heat pump reliable?

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If installed properly by a competent contractor they are likely no better or worse than any other brand unless you buy a low end builders grade model. Like anything else you get what you pay for.
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Most reliable central air heat pump?

For years the name Lennox came up as the most reliable heat pumps and furnaces. The truth nowadays is it is much more important how it is installed and sized than what who mak

How reliable is a American standard split heat pump?

That's a pretty good unit. Am. Stan. has been producing the trane equipment since about 1978.I'm a Carrier guy, but as long as you stick to a major brand you should be fine. G

Where is the manufacture date on Goodman Heat Pump?

the date is on the data plate just about the service valves on the outside condenser. the serial number is how you can read the manufacture date. for example, serial number 98
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What are the Goodman heat pump prices?

Prices for the Goodman heat pump on average range from $2000 - $5000, though a precise price can be obtained by asking a professional contractor. Prices vary due to the differ
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Where could a person buy a Goodman heat pump?

While Goodman does not sell its heat pumps or other products directly from its website, they do provide a search tool which enables USA or Canadian customers to enter their zi