Is a feeling of emptiness common among narcissists?

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I don't have a personal experience of this, but I can tell you, from having a Narcissist/Psychopathic father, that I have always had a feeling inside that something was missing. I have come to realize, through my own counseling and studies in psychology, that this is that part of my inner self that was never nurtured. I can never regain my lost childhood, but I can learn to open myself up to new experiences of love. To answer your question, though, if you think about what causes narcissism, it could be that this emptiness is, indeed, from the lack of nurturing in childhood.
An all-pervading feeling of emptiness, boredom, and aimlessness is characteristic of narcissists.  
Taking time to "stop and smell the roses" is not something you'll see with a narcissist. Because of their immaturity they have no appreciation of the little things, the nuances of life which make it rich and full and deep. Because their soul is devoid of the millions of "little things" to enjoy, they are empty. They count on BIG things to enrich them which is why they might be risk takers. Only a crisis, a whirlwind, will make them feel alive and this is why they constantly create chaos in their own feel alive and thus, full. This sense of fullness only lasts until the tornado dies down, then they have to stir up another funnel cloud to revive themselves. Have you ever been in a tornado? It's not fun, but the adrenaline does flow !!
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