Is a flamingo a predator or prey?

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Both! It is a prey because it eats shrimps and other crustacean's, but they don't have any real big predators, but they could be a prey.
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What are flamingos prey?

Flamingos live on shrimp, algae, and other small life forms found in shallow water.

What are flamingos predators?

Grown flamingos do not have predators. What does have predators is the flamingos baby eggs. Other birds will try to get at them.

What is predator-prey?

Predator are animals that hunt some meat for food prey is the animals they hunt

Is the flamingo a predator or the prey?

a predator in the sense that it strains small organisms out of water by means of its unique bill. prey as i have seen video of a jackal, and an eagle taking them.

What is predator to prey?

A predator is one who hunts. Usually referring to an animal. A prey is one who is hunted. Usually a smaller animal than the predator. Examples of predators and their prey: Haw
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Are flamingos prey?

Yes, flamingos are eaten by numerous carnivores.
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How do flamingos get their prey?

they use their long legs and webbed feet to stir up the bottom of the water. They then bury their bills, or even their entire heads, and suck up both mud and water to access t
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What is prey and predator?

Prey is the person or thing being attacked. Predator is the personor thing doing the attacking.