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No, a Samoyed is NOT a husky. They are two distinct breeds, though both originate in Siberia. Samoyeds a very ancient breed, and are white, cream, or biscuit, with dark brown eyes, curly tails, and the distinctive "Samoyed smile". Huskies (UCONN notwithstanding) are usually black and white, grey and white, or other similar colors, and can have eyes of many different colors. They're both GREAT dogs, but they're not the same!
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Do Samoyeds get along with guinea pigs?

All kinds of animals can get along together, even those which are natural prey-and-predators, or natural enemies; this can happen particularly where the animals have been toge

Do Samoyeds smell?

No the samoyed is a smell free dog!!

Is a samoyed a guard dog?

No they were bred to pull sleds and hunt in the snow. If you want a guard dog get something like a German Shepard or a rottweiler.

Should i get a samoyed or a rough collie?

It depend on what you are looking for in a dog. Samoyeds are very lovable and social while Collies are very smart and one of the most trainable dogs. Collies are a bit bigger

Where do samoyeds live?

Samoyeds have thick, double coats of fur, so they are better adapted to living in colder climates. They can adapt to living in warmer climates, but will be happiest in Norther

What do Samoyed eat?

Samoyed's are a domestic breed of Dog and therefore are able to eat any dry or tinned dog food. I suggest Wagg Complete for adult dogs.

What can huskies do?

Huskies were bred to pull sleighs across the Antarctic full of goods and people. They can run for up to 14 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures. This is an amazing breed with

What do samoyeds eat?

I have a 10 yr old samoyed myself, samoyeds just eat normal dog food but if they are adult give them big chunky dog food and then small dog food for little puppies

Samoyed or a Siberian husky which is a better family dog?

Depends on what you want. Both breeds are high-energy dogs that tend to do poorly in extremely hot weather, have an independent streak, and will blow coat (shed vast quantitie

What is a Samoyed husky?

A 'samoyed husky' is not a breed but may be used to signify a mutt  that has been crossbred.