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Is asher Roth David Lee Roth's son?

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Asher father is named Tim Roth. Brenna Lee Roth is David's daughter.
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Is Kevin roth david lee roth's son?

No. They're practically the same age.

What religion is david lee roth?

he is jewish

Is asher roth Tim roth's son?

When I first saw his picture I though "that has't to be Tim Roth's son but I did a google search and there does not seem to be a relation. Tim Roth actually only has three son

Does David lee Roth have any kids?

Avy Lee Roth the pornstar is his daughter. David lee Roth has never acknowledged fathering any child. this woman and another came hes their father but its nothing more than th

Does david lee roth have a girlfriend?

He is gay and always has been, really. He lives in New York with his boyfriend. His whole gigolo personna has always been an act. This is the truth...

How many kids does David Lee Roth have?

Dave lee roth has one daughter, she is called Avy Lee Roth. She is a pornstar. DNA has proven Roth not to be her dad.

How tall is David Lee Roth?

I'd say he's about 6'ft tall from pictures and videos. He's the tallest one in Van Halen if that helps. According to various sources He is approx. 5'9" tall Eddie Van Hale

Where was David Lee Roth born?

  David Lee Roth was born on Oct. 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana. Most people know him as the lead singer in the band Van Halen.

Who are david lee roth's daughters?

"Brenna Lee Roth was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1983. She was a Model for several companies in 1990 until 1999. In 2000 Brenna joined her brother Kevin Roth singing in the p

How old is David Lee Roth?

David Lee Roth is 53 years old as of October 10, 2008. He was born October 10, 1955. In his own words ....(see the auto-bio Crazy from the heat (1997) he was born in Blooming