Is asher Roth David Lee Roth's son?

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Asher father is named Tim Roth. Brenna Lee Roth is David's daughter.
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How old is David Lee Roth?

US singer David Lee Roth is 53 years old (born October 10, 1954). Roth himself confirms his birth year as 1954 - he was born inBloomington, Indiana.

Where was David Lee Roth born?

David Lee Roth was born on Oct. 10, 1954 in Bloomington, Indiana. Most people know him as the lead singer in the band Van Halen.

Who is david lee roth's girl friend?

David Lee Roth is a walking and living legend. He is highly intelligent, sexy, talented, driven, and larger than life. He loves to entertain just by being himself. So I would

Is asher roth Tim roth's son?

When I first saw his picture I though "that has't to be Tim Roth's son but I did a google search and there does not seem to be a relation. Tim Roth actually only has three son

Who are david lee roth's daughters?

"Brenna Lee Roth was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1983. She was a Model for several companies in 1990 until 1999. In 2000 Brenna joined her brother Kevin Roth singing in the p
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Who is david lee roth wife?

David Lee Roth Wife, the wife of a rich Arab merchant, was a wonderful woman who happened to share the same first name (which was triple barreled) as David Lee Roth. She is of