Is bra size 32D a big bra size?

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Well 32 D is big. That means you are skinny with big boobs. The average breast size of a woman is a b
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What is a big bra size?

I don't really know what you want answered, but Big to me is DD and anything over that is massive, but guy's don't really care about the size. If they like you, they like you

How big is a size 44dd bra?

very big. DD is the cup size and 44 is the part that goes around your body. the cup size is like two fist fulls for each cup, so 4 fists total.

How big is a 32b bra size?

the number is the cup size its kinda small but good size if you breast are barely growing, and the letter is the size of the straps that tie on your back,

How big is a 32m bra size?

The measurement for the band (underneath the breast is 32 inches. The measurement around the fullest part of the breast is what determines the cup size and that to be an m, th

How big is 40b in bra sizes?

the cup size is B so it's not very large. the smallest cup size is A. the elastic that goes around your body is 40 and is kind of big compared to the cup size. a good bra size

How big is a size 30a bra?

Well, it's not big at all! But it doesn't matter what bra size you are.

Is a 34B bra size big?

\ndepends on your definition of big. a B cup is usually medium, but it also depends on what type of body you have.

How big is a bra size dd?

that will depend on the band size. The cup size only determines how far out the breast tissue goes, not the diameter of the breast. In general, a DD cup will be 4 1/2" bigger

Is a 32D bra size large?

It's considered to be a good size though not large by any means. Any bigger, and it may cause back problems. The 32 band is considered small while a D is average in today's wo
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What bra size is bigger 32C or 32D?

32D because 32C is a smaller cup. The 32 is the band size and the letters are the size of the cup ;) ryt so my friend was lyin nd sayin tht 32d was one of the smallest sizes
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Is 32b a big bra size?

Depends on what age. I am 15 and a 32 C/D. It depends on build and height etc.. However in the UK I believe a 34D is around average for a woman. :) Hope this helps x