Is buying a iPhone 3gs worth it?

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depends what you want to use it for
if it's for business i would recomend the blackberry but if it's just for a phone i would recommend the iphone3GS
I think the iphone 3G is cheaper than the iphone 3GS and you can get video on the iphone 3G not just on the 3GS
however the iphone will not work as well as it in America is done by at&t which do not cover most of the country but will cover most of the east coast
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Is the iPhone worth buying?

Yes it is worth it iPhone 3G/3GS is not worth it because my sis wanted to try Warning if you get it in the UK 8GB. 2GB will be used so 5GB will be left so listen. So I probaly agree that you should get iPhone 4

When you buy an iPhone 3GS what will you have to pay as an existing iPhone customer?

If you already have an original iPhone, you will have to pay $200 for the 8GB model and $300 for the 16 GB model. It's $30 per month data plan. actuallyyyy.... there is no 8GB model for the 3Gs because of all of the extra information.... so the 16GB is $299 and the 32GB is $399..... i would know c (MORE)

Where can I buy an iPhone 3GS?

You can buy the new iphone froma good phone shop, carphone warehouse or the o2 shop, here you can get insurance and stuff and you can walk away with the phone today! and my company can sell the iphone 3gs if you want to buy an iphone 3gs or want to know more information about the 3gs please contra (MORE)

Is the iPhone 3G worth buying?

The Iphone 3g is worth buying because it has alot of cool features like you can talk on the phone and download music off your phone form the itunes store on the phone and you don't have use the computer and you can buy all the apps you want for free and you don't hane to use a credit card.

Is the iphone worth to buy?

Depends upon your personal needs. Some people have no desire to surf the web or check emails while away from home, while others need to have this capability for business purposes.

Where can you buy a iPhone 3g?

Apple, Bestbuy And Other Major Retail Stores Do Not Carry The Iphone 3G , they only carry Iphone 3GS , Iphone 4 , and Iphone4S. To Buy A 3G You will have to buy one off craigslist or Amazon

Is the iPhone 3g?

Yes, all currently sold iPhones can receive internet from AT&T's 3G wireless internet in America and other carriers' 3G internet in other countries.

How is iPhone 3g?

Original answer by Markbarner Edited by Arianna Lovendino 3G mobile internet is faster. GPS functions are a little bit moreprecise. Sounds are louder. I would buy an iPhone 3G, if I wereyou. But you can wait. There is a new iPhone model arriving inJuly.

Are the refurbished iPhone 3g 16GB worth buying?

\nYes, they're definitely worth buying. Make sure you either purchase from AT&T or Apple and your fine. The only thing is having the chance of a few scratches, but you can't beat the price.

What is a iPhone 3g?

\n. \n. \nIt is a Apple Type of Phone.You can also listen to music and others!

Can you get an iPhone with out 3G?

\nYes. It's called iPhone first generation or simply iPhone. However it's not available new or with a warranty. The only ones available are used on sites like or through a friend.

Is the iPhone 3G S worth it?

most of the improvements (speed, new apps, fixing bugs, etc.) are just software changes, so your old iphone 3g is basically the same as the 3gs with the free software upgrade, the only real difference being that the new iphone 3gs has a built in video cam function. so, final answer, it is worth it i (MORE)

Is the new iPhone 3gs worth paying a hundred dollars more than the iPhone 3g?

yes it is totally worth spending an extra $100. I mean i own an iPhone 3GS and it has better performance, a longer battery life, a compass, a video camera with 3 megapixels, and voice control. AND ITS SOO MUCH MORE FASTER...I CAN NOW BROWSE THE WEB LIKE 10x FASTER.. its totally worth it..(well its b (MORE)

Which is better iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3gs is the best it is more lightweight and is quicker but is more expensive. But - what are my first impressions of the iPhone 3G? 1. Good: the ugrade procedure was painless. Plug it in, and it asked me whether I was upgrading. I said yes. It silently copied everything over to the new iPh (MORE)

Where to buy iPhone 3gs without a contract?

eBay for around £420 upto £600 , sell them , carphone warehouse sell them all around the £550 price range. iPhone 3GS 32GB $240 from th UK +$30 in shipping with a 1 year warrenty top of the line model currently choice of black or white (MORE)

When you buy an iPhone 3G what will you have to pay as an existing iPhone customer?

Depending on the country that you are in, the amount that you will pay to upgrade your handset will vary. You will need to contact your service provider if you purchased or are purchasing the new iPhone 3G on a plan.. However if you are purchasing from the Apple Store directly, there are no discoun (MORE)

Is applecare for your new iPhone 3gs worth it and why?

I'm not a big fan of extended warrantees usually they are a ripoff. However, the iPhone is subsidied so the full cost of reparing one may be quite expensive -- some credit cards (i.e., AMEX platinum) will extend warrantees, but it won't be seemless. More over, the battery is almost certain to fai (MORE)

IPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3GS has more internal ram which enables the device torun at a higher speed than the iPhone 3G. The 3GS supports abackground and multitasking, whereas the 3G does not. Internetspeeds are the same.

Is it worth buying the ipod touch 3g 32gb?

It depends on what you like. If you listen to a lot of music all of the time, then yes, it is worth buying. However, if you don't like to listen to a lot of music, or barely do, then it is not worth buying.

Which is better iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS. It's faster, has an improved camera with video recording capabilities, has a digital compass and more. It's also compatible with the latest software (at the moment), iOS 6.1, whereas the iPhone 3G is only compatible up to iOS 4.2, meaning you won't get as many software features and m (MORE)

Is the iPhone worth buying or is the Blackberry better?

I have worked in telecoms for over 12 years (now moved out of it) and have had loads of different phones, literally 10 per month sometimes!but i have never had a phone as good as the new iPhone 3GS I love it! its a phone and my laptop in one pretty much! admittedly i havent tried the brand new black (MORE)

Where to buy an 8GB iPhone 3G?

Well... the iPhone 3G has been declared utterly obselete and does not have iOS 5 because of it's weak ARM 11 processor. If you still wish to buy one (as a collector's item) there is always Ebay, Amazon, and maybe even Craigslist. Why I say this would only be sane if you want it as a collector's item (MORE)

Should you buy the nexus one or the iPhone 3gs?

I PHONE 3GS is my answer. Although nexus has higher processor, camera and ram and so does its internet speed but this does not mean that you buy it. i phone 3gs has its own advantages i.e: more memory and sensitive touch screen. Moreover its look more stylish and the zoom in/out feature it gives is (MORE)

How do you enable 3G on your iPhone 3G?

If you aren't getting any internet access whatsoever, then you should make sure the iPhone has been activated with AT&T. If you are only getting a connection through "Edge" (the letter E will appear in the top bar), then you are either not in an area that has 3G available or it is simply disabled. (MORE)

Is it worth buying the iPhone 4?

I bought one, but cannot advise anyone else to do the same. If you already own an iPhone 3G or 3GS, it is not worth the upgrade price.

Which to buy - iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

the 3gs is much better for it's money iphone 3gs is better, i think. but it is very dear. it seems that you have enough money. if not, you can buy cheap phone instead.

How can you distinguish iPhone 3g from iPhone 3gs?

Well,you can't really distinguish them by just looking at them.But iPhone 3gs has a compass app,unlike the iphone 3g. And you can also see how much faster the iphone 3gs can launches apps than the 3g. and iphone 3gs can record video,whereas on iphone 3g,you have to jailbreak it to download video rec (MORE)

Is the iPhone 4S worth buying?

No! Since it is the first product with siri it will be the worst version of siri and it really is no different than the iPhone 4

Is it worth buying the Sprint iPhone 4S?

It depends on what you use your phone for and what your budget is. In order to make the most of an iPhone, you should have a good data allowance. Mobile providers will vary in what amount they offer for certain prices. The iPhone is good for downloading apps (such as games, social networking etc) an (MORE)

Is the iPhone 5 worth buying?

It's all depends on your need and choice, if you love Apple iOS 6 then it is worth buying otherwise take a look at its competitors.