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Is cornbread a dessert?

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It is not intended to be. Some people find sweet cornbread an abomination, but some people pour black strap molasses on cornbread. Personally, I think molasses goes better on biscuits.
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Not usually. Cornbread is bread. Cornbread can be mixed with just about anything you want, even sweets; so you could make a sort of "poor man's dessert" with it, but I grew up eating it every week and it was just bread, really good bread. In other words, it depends.
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What is a dessert?

it is a food which you mainly eat after your dinner. It is often sweet or fruity.

How do you get cinch cornbread?

I could not find the Cinch Corn Bread mix in any store near me I have been. ordering by mail for the last couple of years with no problems. You can obtain an. order form at

When was cornbread made?

cornbread was first made by squanto around 10000BC. he used the tusk of a rhino to stir it and cooked it with the fire of the devil. he then rolled it and baked it and marked

What to have for dessert?

A rhubarb tart, a creme brulee, an apple pie, fruit salad, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate pie, chocolate eclair, chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, or strawbe

Is cornbread a grain?

No it is not. Cornbread is a type of bread that is made from cornmeal which is made from corn that is a grain.. No it is not. Cornbread is a type of bread that is made from c

What is in a dessert?

it depends what type of dessert you plan on making. most of the time eggs, flour, sugar, and milk involved. there are a lot of different desserts, so it really depends.

Can weimeriners have cornbread?

In small amounts, cornbread would not be harmful to any dogs. Theonly concern would be if your Weimaraner has a sensitive stomachand might react badly to anything other than h