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It's major surgery which increases the risks a lot and you will be in pain afterwards with a increased risk for infections but you get painkillers and know when it will happen. With a vaginal birth you will be in more pain during and don't know how long it will take but will feel better afterwards and recover quicker so there are plus and minus for both of them. With a C-section there's also a recommended limit on how many children you can have (3 where I live) since the uterus is cut open every time and there will be scars.
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What is a C-section?

A C-Section is performed on pregnant women. Normally, they get C-Sections if they are having problems giving birth, or there will be serious complications of a normal birth.

Why was a c section named Cesarean section?

Because Julius Caesar was the first person in history to be born through this process. But back in those days, the mother did not survive the process

What does the C in c section stand for?

If you are referring to the alternate way a baby is born, It's called a "Caesarean section". It was a procedure they practiced mother's when they died during child birth so th

Why do women who have had a c-section always have to have c-sections?

Not always, there are women who tries to have a vaginal birth after their first C-section but that is also up to the doctor. When having a c-section there will be a scar and t

How do you avoid getting a c-section?

Well actually, C-sections usually happen unexpectedly. If there are unexpected complications during labor that could pose a danger to the mother and/or child, then a C-section

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How long do you wait after a c-section to have another c-section?

I have had four c-sections, and will be having my fifth in July. All my incisions were what is commonly called a "bikini cut," or a horizontal incision just above the pubic bo

Is a Caesarean section C-section easier than giving birth naturally?

No. Overall, caesarean sections are reserved for when the  mother/baby are in distress, or there is some other sort of  complication.   With a C-Section, there is no pus