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Is it a sin to love someone before marriage?

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To fall in love with because you are attracted to them, no, to have sexual relations, yes it is considered a sin to do that.
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Should love come before or after marriage?

Love is the foundation for everything. You can't marry a person if you don't love him although in some countries there are chances that a person is set up for an arrange marri

Is it a sin to have sex before marriage?

No. There are certain sexual sins that you can commit against other human beings & I don't think I need list the grotesqueries that would qualify. I assume you are a person of

Is love before marriage good?

I'm not married yet. I'd say ideally yes. But just because you love them doesn't mean it'd work out later on. Do they support you? By marrying this person will you both achie

Is sex before marriage a sin?

The Bible says that to consumate out of wedlock is a sin. In short, yes. because what would be the point of marriage if you had sex first

Is living together before marriage a sin by the Bible's standards?

Living together in a deliberate intimate relationship is a sin before the Lord. A couple should be legally and lawfully wedded by the law of that land by a duly authorized per

Is living together before marriage a sin?

Depends on your religion, but I'm gonna assumes your same religion  as me.   No, its not a sin. But it would be difficult avoiding sin in that  situation. I mean you won

Is it a sin to kiss or caress a lady before marriage?

i don't believe that is a sin, its what it LEADS to that would be considered a sin. Paul says in 1 cor. 7:1 that it is better for a man not to touch a woman. (kjv) this would

Is foreplay before marriage a sin?

Foreplay that intentionally does not reach its natural conclusion in vaginal intercourse involves the deliberate stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure outside of the

Is making out before marriage a sin?

In some religions it is considered so. In Islam, it would be, since it would fall under illicit touching (zina). Even hugging would be haram. In Christianity, it would not be

Is sleeping together before marriage a sin?

No, if you love/care for each other sleeping together is just normal, before or after marriage, makes no difference as long as it is consensual. Every religion tries to disall

Is it a mortal sin in the Catholic Church to have sex before marriage?

Of course, ANY sex outside of a validly married husband and wife for the dual purposes of their mutual love and open to the procreation of children is a very serious sin, what