Is it dangerous to go on holiday to Ibiza?

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Ibiza is a Mediterranean Island located off the coast of Spain and is not dangerous to go on holiday. Many people travel to Ibiza daily because of its beauty.
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Where is ibiza?

Ibiza is 90 km from Mallorca and 90 km from Denia on the mainland. The sister island of Formentera lies 5 km to the south. Ibiza is one of the baleric islands which is not exa

Why go on a holidays.?

Depending on what holiday you go to you might. Relax . Have fun . Meet family & spend time with friends . FREE FOOD :D . YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

What can you do in ibiza?

Ibiza is great i have been twice going on my third time on 23rd august 09 . really it depends on what part your going to.i go to Calla llonga witch is gr8. Calla llonga = g

Why do you go on holiday?

people go on holiday because they want to get away from the world you live in and relax away from work and stresses at home!!!(:

Can 13 year olds in summer go into nightclubs in ibiza?

No, 13 year olds in summer cannot go into most nightclubs in Ibiza. These clubs are designed for people who are at least 18 years of age and over. There are children's clubs l
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Where can one go to rent villas in Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia, Spain. One wishing to rent a vacation villa can get information online at Trip Advis
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What magazines could offer advise on cheap holidays in Ibiza?

Apart from brochures issued by travel companies there do not appear to be any magazines dedicated solely to holidays. However, most other magazines will contain advertisement
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Where can one go to book cheap holidays in Ibiza?

Cheap holidays in Ibiza can be booked online on websites such as: Thomas Cook, Holiday Hypermarket, Expedia, First Choice, Travel Supermarket and On The Beach.