Is it dangerous to go on holiday to Ibiza?

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Ibiza is a Mediterranean Island located off the coast of Spain and is not dangerous to go on holiday. Many people travel to Ibiza daily because of its beauty.
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Where do Welsh go on holiday?

the welsh are just normal people,. they go all over the world,. they may just go to the coast or the mountains or sumin for a weekend bcuz wales is a beautiful place,. you should go on holiday there soon maybe, take a look for your self :D

Where does Father Christmas go on holiday?

I know of at least one instance where he spent his off time in the tropics. Santa's ne'er-do-well brother, Dingle Kringle joined Santa and the Elves on a cruise ship headed for an island adventure. follow the link provided for a hilarious game based on his adventure.

Which country is the best for going on holiday?

It is a matter of personal opinion. Some people prefer hot countries, others prefer warm or cold. Some people like to relax on a beach or in mountains, others like to explore cultures and have adventures. There is no correct answer to this question.

Why do people go to Wales on holiday?

People vacation in Wales because of the spectacular scenery, dramatic coastline and beaches, wide range of activities and the numerous historic sites, museums, castles and ruins. Wales has excellent walking and mountain biking trails. Annual events in Wales include the "Man vs Horse Marathon" and (MORE)

Where do cows go for a holiday?

To Moo-ville or Mos-cow. Seriously, cows don't have holidays, so they don't really go anywhere. However if there's a particularly nasty cow on the farm she's destined to a permanent holiday in the sky while her body gets turned into hamburger.

Where is ibiza?

Ibiza is 90 km from Mallorca and 90 km from Denia on the mainland. The sister island of Formentera lies 5 km to the south. Ibiza is one of the baleric islands which is not exactly in Spain though is owned by the Spanish. The most common language that they use to speak before the Spanish owned it wa (MORE)

Why go on a holidays.?

Depending on what holiday you go to you might. Relax . Have fun . Meet family & spend time with friends . FREE FOOD :D . YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do people go on holidays?

The main reason is to get a break from where they live and there surrounding's. Or just that there going on a honeymoon etc.

Where is a good place to go on Holiday?

there is Lots of good places but here is a few Hawaii ( really good ) Benidorm (lovely there) Majorca (peaceful) Mexico (beautiful) Australia (brilliant) sorry don't no any more. go on to google click on images and you will see what they look like

When did people first go on holiday?

In the Victorian Times. In the Victorian Times. It was very popular, and the people only went to places like Blackpool, Liverpool and to local beaches nearby. They travelled on Railway.

What i do with a goldfish when your family go on holiday?

Ask somebody who you trust and believe is a responsible, caring human being to take care of your goldfish while you are away. I would advise to specifically explain how to care for the goldfish and leave a notepad behind for the person. The notepad should include step by step instructions on how to (MORE)

How do you say Where did you go on holiday in Finnish?

That would be something like: " Minne menit lomallasi? " Or: " Missä olit lomallasi? " Which literally means "Where were you on your holiday?" We usually ask "Mitä teit lomalla(si)?" , "What did you do on your holiday?".. But the answer to your question would be "Missä kävit lomal (MORE)

How often Canadians go on holidays?

we have excatly the same holidays as the U.S.A, but a few things that are different is; Canadians don't get the day off just to watch the super bowl; we have a 1 whole month of summer vacation (Augest); U.S.A has mor P.A. days. (that's where you take the Friday off); but we all have excatly 195 days (MORE)

Where does bill kaulitz go on holiday?

He prefers warm sunny places like pacific islands but where will remain a secret. They have in the past been to the Maldives and Spain. They go to different places every time and deserves to be alone when they are there so even if we knew exactly where they are going we wont tell.

Can you go to Antarctica for a holiday?

Yes. You can join a tour boat destined to visit the Antarctic continent. Without endorsement, you can review the search results, below to find a tour you want.

A good place to go on holiday?

"Moreton Island" of the southern coast of Queensland is a wonderful place for a family holiday. You can go dolphin feeding and sand dune tobogganing! There is a heap of things to do there and you WON'T get bored! By the way: The name of the island is Moreton Island and the resort is called Tanga (MORE)

What do you need to remember for going on holiday?

If it's far away, keep your watch on the time zone your home is at and continue to take your pill at the time you normally do at home - this may mean taking it at midnight or something wherever you are vacationing, but very worth it to keep your body on schedule!

What can you do in ibiza?

Ibiza is great i have been twice going on my third time on 23rd august 09 . really it depends on what part your going to.i go to Calla llonga witch is gr8. Calla llonga = going in the lovely gorgeous sea and going to flippers or SOS restaurant at the night time Es cana = go to the hippie marke (MORE)

Where is the best country to go on holiday?

Oman in the middle east. It's a very peaceful and safe country. One of the safest in the world. I Would have to say Hugharda in Egypt. Sunrise Royal Makadi Bay hotel. Its Great. Yeah it's cool but Africa is soooo fun! - yes Africa is kool but i have to say that New York would be a much better (MORE)

Why do you go on holiday?

people go on holiday because they want to get away from the world you live in and relax away from work and stresses at home!!!(:

Do people go on holiday to Antarctica?

Yes (probably) Another Answer Yes, you can take a cruise to Antarctica from either Terra del Fuego, Argentina, or points in Australia or New Zealand.

How can you kiss him before you go on holiday?

Unexpected kisses are always the best kind. Right before you are about to leave, let him know that youll miss him, and then give him a kiss. It can be a peck or a nice one that he will remember. Either way, you know he'll be thinking about you when youre gone. Just be sure that after you kiss him, y (MORE)

Where does Pope Benedict go for his holidays?

The pope actually does not get any holidays as those are usually busydays for him. However, most popes spend the summer months at CastelGandolfo, outside of Rome, to avoid the heat in the city at that time ofyear.

Where did Roald Dahl go on holiday and who with?

Each year Roald Dahl would go to Oslo, Norway with all of his family (Mum, Dad, half-brother & sister, elder sister, himself and 2 younger siblings) and stay with his Grandparents or stay on the many islands around Norway.

Where can put you dog when you go on holiday?

you need to find a boarding kennels for it - don't underestimate the cost of this and look at a few to make sure you happy with the accommodation for your dog. Ask to look at the living accommodation and ask how often they walk the dogs, and if they have access to outdoor run space. Also make sure y (MORE)

How does going on holiday effect the environment?

If you are going abroad to a far away destination you will have to use a plane. The problem is that the journey would take hours and allthewhile the plane would be giving off huge sums of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere causing air pollution.

Will your boyfriend cheat on you if he goes on holiday to Ibiza with two of his mates and they have made a deal that what happens there stays there?

The quote 'what happens there stays there' was used for Las Vegas. In other words it was a place to gamble; hire women and do as you pleased and a group of men who decided to go there could do as they pleased and have all the benefits Las Vegas had and a bond not to tell anyone back home what went o (MORE)

Can you go on holiday for free?

You can go on holiday if you stay at grandparents or a friends house for the weekend or something fun. This question was answered by GeorgiaEver.

Can 13 year olds in summer go into nightclubs in ibiza?

No, 13 year olds in summer cannot go into most nightclubs in Ibiza. These clubs are designed for people who are at least 18 years of age and over. There are children's clubs located in Ibiza but they are not nightclubs.

Where do you leave your gerbil to go on holiday?

You can leave your gerbil with any friend or relative who is willing to look after your gerbil for you while you are away. Gerbils are not a lot of work. You don't have to take them for walks, as you do for dogs. Your elderly grandmother can probably look after a gerbil.

Where can one go to rent villas in Ibiza?

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia, Spain. One wishing to rent a vacation villa can get information online at Trip Advisor, Villa Rental Ibiza, Simply Villas Ibiza, and Home Away, among others.

What magazines could offer advise on cheap holidays in Ibiza?

Apart from brochures issued by travel companies there do not appear to be any magazines dedicated solely to holidays. However, most other magazines will contain advertisements and offers for holidays, so looking in a magazine that is aimed and someone like you might be a good place to start.