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Is it possible for alcohol sambuca in particular to evaporate if left in a warm area for a year or two?

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Yes. This is fine because alcohol freezes at - 80�C and boils at +78�C.
Rum, sambuca and beer all have water in them. The water can evaporate as well as the alcohol at about 20 Degrees Celsius dependant on environmental factors like draft, bottle cap and temprature to name a few.  Let me guess: You bought a bottle of Sambuca a couple years ago, had a few drinks from it and put it on the shelf. Today you decided some 'buca would taste real good, but the bottle was empty.
I assume that when you put the 'buca up, the cap was on tight. In a tightly capped bottle, evaporation will continue until pressure reaches a certain density...and then the evaporation will stop. My dad always kept a bottle of whiskey in the cupboard so he could have a drink from it a few times a year. We never noticed any mysterious evaporation.
I think someone drank your sambuca for you, dude. Sorry.
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Does alcohol evaporate?

Yes, Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol both evaporate quickly, at an even lower temperature than water Yes, that's why it is commonly used to clean electronics.

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yes ,it actually but it will take about a year. you may improve the time if you put it in a pot and bnoil it, then it will take only an hour.......not good...

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Yes, the process is known as Distillation. Works on the property that Alcohol (ethanol) and Water have different boiling points. Water boils at 100 C and Alcohol at about 60-7