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Is it possible to be cured of AIDS or HIV?

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There is at this point in time no cure for HIV and AIDS. Once someone gets it, they have it for life.

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What is the cure for HIV?

There is currently no cure for HIV. There is a cocktail that can be administered very quickly after exposure to the virus that may prevent you from contracting it, though. T

What are the required chemicals to cure HIV and AIDS?

There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.   The enzymes in an HIV strain are so different, that it would be impossible to make a "chemical" that could target a very specific strai

Is there a cure for HIV AIDS?

no, however there is treatments that will slow the progression down, and help with the symptoms, and there are people trying to come up with a cure everyday. Yes but there is

Can HIV and AIDS be cured or treated?

Those infected with HIV should seek the medical care of an Infectious Disease Specialist or other certified medical professional. There are many treatment options available. T

How can HIV be cured?

There is no known cure for HIV nor AIDS at the moment. There are a  lot of different kind of meds you must take daily to treat it, and  nobody has found a cure for it. It ca

How can you not get AIDS and HIV?

Do not engage in high risk activity such as intravenous drug use and unprotected anal sex. Wear a condom.

Will there ever be a cure for HIV And AIDS?

The current medical research on cures for HIV and AIDS looks very promising. ...However, the current approach of HIV drug maintenance can keep patients alive, at a cost of $

Is there a cure for HIV?

No, there is no cure for HIV, not as of yet. yes there is a cure. i know someone who had it for 20 years. he got bit by a venomous snake called a water moccasin and was in th

How do you get HIV-AIDS?

    unprotected sex with someone else that has it

Why is there no cure for HIV?

Because it is a virus that uses the body's own immune system against it. It is difficult to develop a drug that attacks the virus but leaves the body's immune system intact.

Does HIV cured?

No, there's no cure for HIV. The antiretroviral treatment manages the disease for a period of time, but that's it.

How can you get AIDS or HIV?

  Sexual transmission     Exposure to blood-borne pathogens     Perinatal transmission   The transmission of the virus from the mother to the chil

What is HIV-AIDS?

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus that attacks your immune system (body's natural defense system) which are your white blood cells, specifically, CD4+

What is HIV AIDS?

HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus it is an RNA virus which attacks the CD4 cell of Humans and use the genetic materials of the to make copies of itslf thus weakening the imm