Is it possible to do 8 root canals in 5 hours?

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Probably it would be too much medication and trauma for the patient.
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What is a root canal?

It is a procedure used to save an abscessed tooth by removing the dental pulp (nerve), usually if the tooth is dead or has had the pulp exposed (due to cavities or fractures).

What are root canals?

Root canal treatment is a type of dental procedure that addressesthe roots of teeth. Also known as an endodontic treatment, rootcanal procedures address nerve damage, tooth pu

Why have a root canal?

A root canal is a procedure that can extend the useful life of a tooth that is infected and would otherwise be lost. If your quality of life or your appearance will not be adv

What can you not do after a root canal?

After a root canal, it is highly recommended to put a crown on the tooth. After putting the crown you can eat anything u want but do not forget to brush twice a day. If you di

Does a 1 hour root canal hurt?

Any dental procedure is going to have some pain associated with it. Using anesthesia or numbing the area where the root canal work is going to be performed may ease some of th

What is 8 over square root of 5?

If you want to rationalize the denominator, then multiply numerator & denominator by sqrt(5), so 8*sqrt(5)/5 = approx 3.578
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Who does root canals?

Root canal treatment may be performed by a general dentist or by an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in endodontic (literally "inside of the tooth") procedures.
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Should a 5 year old kid have a root canal?

It can only be recommended by dentist. I would suggest please go todoctor and complete check up of the child as usually root canal isperformed on adults.
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Is it possible to have a abscess after a root canal?

Yes, it is possible. It happens mainly when the root canals are not cleaned properly rather debridement of the infected pulp tissue is not done properly. If pulp tissue is lef