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Yes, you can experience symptoms that mimic a "high" if you have smoked too many cigarettes too close together or in a short time.

Besides an array of chemicals, cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine acts on the smooth blood vessel walls and constricts the vessel, thereby making the heart pump harder to force the blood through the narrower space. Also, nicotine thickens the blood so that the heart must work harder still to move the thick, sluggish blood from the heart out to all areas of the body. Veins in the legs have one-way valves that allow the blood to return to the heart; muscles in the calves, especially, help push peripheral (in the limbs) blood back toward the heart. When nicotine thickens the blood and narrows the blood vessels, the pressure against vein valves increases.

The kinds of symptoms that too many cigarettes can cause, as a direct result of the changes in blood vessels, can include:
  1. dizziness
  2. headache
  3. difficulty sleeping because of the feeling of being wired or a "buzz"
  4. feeling jittery
  5. heart pounding
  6. heart palpitations
  7. cold feeling in legs and feet or arms and hands because blood flow is constricted

Ironically, as many smokers know from experience, the symptoms of a nicotine "high" (over-smoking) can result in a smoker just smoking more cigarettes because it is hard to sleep with feeling jittery and having weird symptoms. Instead, smokers experiencing these symptoms should:
  1. Try very hard to NOT light up for several hours.
  2. Drink several 8 ounce glasses of water. This helps thin the blood a little.
  3. Try to sleep through the symptoms.

NOTE: A doctor should evaluate all heart symptoms. If you experience chest pains, call 911.

Honestly, you can feel high off of a cigarette, but you can't actually get high. The thing is, if you haven't smoked in awhile or its your first cigarette, you might get dizzy or lightheaded. You also could get very tired. I know from experience. My first cigarette was horrible and made me feel sick. I don't smoke often, but those random times when I do my eyes will feel really tired where i can barely keep them open and I'm just relaxed and tired. "Regular" smokers won't feel high off of cigarettes, though there are many reasons why they continue to smoke.
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