Is it possible to get pregnant by artificial insemination if you have had your tubes tied?

Answer Yes, Tubal ligation only prevents a womans own egg from reaching her own uterus naturally. Her eggs can be retrieved by a physician and fertilized artificially (test tube fertilization)and then implanted in her uterus to obtain a normal pregnancy.A donors egg could also be used. This is of course barring any other medical problems with her reproductive system.
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What does it cost to artificially inseminate a cow?

This will depend on what bull are going to use for the insemination, usually dairy bulls are more than beef bulls and the cost for older or very good bulls will be more for th (MORE)

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What is the economic importance of artificial insemination in cattle?

It would result in better control of the gene pool and the timing of the births for more consistent products (calves). It get way more complicated and detailed than that and w (MORE)
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What is the healing process after you get your tubes tied?

The most common way of having your tubes tied or tubal ligation is  laparoscopy. The recovery time is short compared to an open  abdominal surgery. There will be some sorene (MORE)

What is artificial insemination in cattle?

Artificial insemination in cattle is an alternative method of breeding cattle and is a method used for producers wishing to not keep a bull for their cows, or to take advantag (MORE)

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