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Is it possible to get pregnant by artificial insemination if you have had your tubes tied?

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Yes, Tubal ligation only prevents a womans own egg from reaching her own uterus naturally. Her eggs can be retrieved by a physician and fertilized artificially (test tube fertilization)and then implanted in her uterus to obtain a normal pregnancy.A donors egg could also be used. This is of course barring any other medical problems with her reproductive system.
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If you have had your tubes tied for many years is it possible to be pregnant?

Possible, yes - but the likelihood depends on a number of factors. In a small number of cases, the fallopian tubes over time can develop a small opening. This would allow for

Is it possible to get pregnant if your tubes were tied following an c-section?

If your tubes were tied, c-section or not there should be no way to get pregnant. Unless of course the operation where they tied your tubes was botched somehow. Tubal ligati

Artificial insemination is possible to get pregnant?

yes and no sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't it all depends on the woman getting inseminated

Is it possible to get pregnant if your tubes were tied and burnt?

It is not possible. It is not possible for a woman to get pregnant if her tubes are already tied and burnt . It is simply because no riped egg cells can come out and meet sp

What happens if your tubes are tied and burned is it possible to get pregnant?

Tied and burned is a double job, and the chance of getting pregnant after that are next to none, but no doctor will say it is 100% effective because strange things can happen.