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Is it possible to get pregnant by artificial insemination if you have had your tubes tied?

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Yes, Tubal ligation only prevents a womans own egg from reaching her own uterus naturally. Her eggs can be retrieved by a physician and fertilized artificially (test tube fertilization)and then implanted in her uterus to obtain a normal pregnancy.A donors egg could also be used. This is of course barring any other medical problems with her reproductive system.
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How can I get pregnant while my tubes are tied?

yes u can indeed get pregnant with your tubes tied, it happens more often than people think, living witness to this so i know. I had my tubal ligation done, two years later i

Can you still get pregnant if my tubes are tied?

While it can happen it is very rare for a woman to become pregnant naturally after having a tubal ligation. Most studies show that a woman has less than a 2% chance of becomin

Is it possible to get pregnant if you had your tubes tied two years ago?

  Theoretically, enough scar tissue should have formed by now that the chance of you conceiving should be relatively low. However, anything is possible.   yes, my grand

Can you get pregnant when your tubes are tied?

No. The birth canal [ Where the embryo forms] is cut off. No sperm and egg together. No baby.   From what I have heard if they are burned, tied, and clipped you can't. The

After artificial insemination how soon can you tell if your pregnant?

After two weeks, I took a digital over-the-counter pregnancy test and it read "pregnant". In addition, I physically felt different. My breast became extremely tender. Two days

Is it possible to get pregnant if you had your tubes tied?

    yes you can. my mom had me when she had her tubes tied. i guess im an accident.   in most cases no! but there have been some women who have gotten pregnant bec

What is artificial insemination?

When someone manually retrieves the semen from the male and injects it into the female. Artificial meaning the male and female could be a million miles apart and still get the

Do women with their tubes tied get pregnant?

Yes they still can. A woman with her tubes tied can receive an in vitro implantation. While tubal ligation will drastically reduce the risk of pregnancy, the only way a woma

Can you get pregnant after having tubes tied?

  Answer   I've heard that you can still become pregnant after just having your tubes tied, although many people have said that it takes up to five years in order fo

How do you do artificial insemination?

it depends on what you are talking about on doing it to. an animal or person? Artificial Insemination is when you inject semen into the female reproductive tract. Most all

How do you get pregnant if your tubes were tied or burned?

 No you can't    **Yes you can. Anything is possible. Its just not as likely. I know a few people that have gotten pregnant after a tubal. But if you got them burned

Can you get pregnant after your tubes have been tied?

  Answer     I have 2 friends that happend to. My personal doctor told me it's 95% safe.   However, the other 25% probably got pregnant. Mine was in the 95% ra

Can get pregnant with tubes tied?

yes you can be pregnant with tubes tied but after a surgery called tubal reversal