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Is it safe to take androgel and cialis at the same time?

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NO. Reason being Androgel will cause a rise in blood pressure and Cialis a possible increase or decrease in blood pressure. Not a good idea. For erection strength, libido, sex drive, you will be fine with Androgel.
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Is it safe to take haloperidol Lorazepam at the same time?

  These drugs are typically given together in an injection as an emergency measure to calm an aggressive patient. They are safe when given together but should be administe

Is it safe to take haloperidol and Lorazepam at the same time?

I see no-one wants to answer this one! Haldol or Haloperidol is one tricky drug to guess interactions with, as it affects EVERYONE differently. I would be willing to bet that

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Each person is different. Many factors must be taken into consideration before you can safely know the answer to this. Personally I do take these in combination and have no pr

Is it safe to take acetaminophen and ibuprofen at the same time?

I'm not sure I'd be willing to categorically state it's "safe" to breathe. However, there are no known harmful interactions of these two drugs. They work in quite different

Can you take ambien and cough suppressant safely at the same time?

Ambien is the most powerful cough suppressant I have ever taken. I  don't need anything else when I take it. Even a double dose of  codeine does mostly nothing for me. It al

Is it safe to take lisinopril 20mg and hctz25mg at same time?

Yes as this medication is commonly prescribed together under the name Prinzide or generically lisinopril/hydrochlorothiazide. Be sure to consult with your doctor on this matte

Is it safe to take Zanaflex and Hydrocodone at the same time?

I have a prescribtion for hydrocodone 10/325 and Tizanidine (generic for xanaflex) 2mg twice daily. In all I take 1mg klonopin, 12.5mg phinagrin (sp?) 10mg lortab and 2mg xana

Is it safe to take Flagyl and Effexor at the same time?

Honestly, I think this remains dependent on the amount of venlafaxine (Effexor) the individual it takes. Ditto with the Flagyl. If I were in your position I would make sure to
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Can you take focalin cialis and androgel together?

Focalin is a stimulant used to treat ADHD; Cialis is used for treating sexual dysfunction, pulmonary hypertension, and benign prostatic hypertrophy; and AndroGel is a testoste

Is it safe to take Aleve and wellbutrin at the same time?

I can say this about that . . . I am on daily wellbutrin, and my  doctor advised me to take Aleve for a very sore Achilles tendon  earlier this year. Take from that what you
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Can i take cialis and Viagra at the same time?

Since they are similar in purpose, it seems that a double dose  would not be wise. It could lead to an erection that would need  medical attention and/or raise your heart ra