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Is it safe to take codeine cough syrup while pregnant?

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This drug is horrible for a baby. This drug will cause growth problems in the future. Never take drugs when you are pregnant.

Actually, some drugs are ok to take according to doctors, but the fewer drugs you take, including over the counter ones and herbal remedies, the better for your baby. You'll need to call your doctor to find out if it's safe to take it-you don't want to risk your baby. Even if dr. says it's ok, you want to use it as sparingly as possible-doctors don't know everything. A few months of suffering is going to be so worth it when you see your new baby. Take Care.
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um yes it is still safe as long as the seal wasnt broke then it should still be good to drink but if the seal is broke i wouldn't take it and/or ask a doctor if its o to ake i

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