Is it true if a underage teen is pregnant that the father of the underage boy has to pay child support?

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Yes the boys father will have to pay the medical bill.
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Can an underage child sue their father for child support if the father stopped paying for child support after 3 months?

Answer . \nNo, this is up to your mother or guardian (which could be a grandparent or uncle/aunt.) Although it's quite disgusting that some fathers refuse to take some fin

Can an underage boy in Ky be forced to pay child support?

Yes! Minors are not seen as adults in civil legal matters and must have an adult representative during legal matters, including child support suits. A minor parent, when apply
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Does an underage father of a child have to pay child support?

The laws differ in different jurisdictions. In some states the father's parents can be held responsible for child support until he reaches eighteen years of age. In some state
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What can a underaged father do to see his child?

In order to petition for custody or visitation right by the court you have to establish paternity by a DNA test. Then you can obtain a visitation schedule and also start payin