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Is jigoku tsushin real?

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You mentioned that when you were studying up on Batman, you know all about him from his car to his costume to his love interest. Do you have a love interest in the TV series?

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Is real steel a real story?

Is real steel a real story?

yep. except the russians didnt win the tour de bulgaria irl.
Are there real Assassins in real life?

Are there real Assassins in real life?

Yes, there are. They will not kill civilians at whim, but they will kill high value targets (HVTs) for money. The type of assassins can vary. Melee (most dangerous) or using a
Are these answer real answer?

Are these answer real answer?

yes they are real . thats why its called answers.ca to check the best website for best answers

How real is real?

It's as real as you want it to be It depends on which theory of study you believe to be the best. Magic can be real, dreams can be real. But nothing of it is?. Think about

Is wondertomb a real real Pokemon?

No, it is not. Wondertomb is a Spiritomb that has been hacked so it has the ability 'Wonder Guard' which it cannot have under normal circumstances. Wonder Guard is an abilit

Are mermaids real or were real?

There was a show on discovery channel claiming to have potentially discovered the remains of mermaids, however experts state that this is fake and made for TV. The National Oc

Are you real?

  The idea of what is real and what is not is based upon a person's perception. You know that the events unfolding before your eyes at the movies are not real. You also