Is love a virtue?

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No love is considered an emotion.
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What is a virtue?

A virtue is a positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good

What does the virtue of being loving mean?

Possessing the quality of love based on principle. Thus enabling one to love the unlovable. To perform good to others without necessarily liking, condoning, or accepting their

What is the theological virtue that empowers us to love God and to give god first place in your lives?

I think that is 'Grace' , though probably your question could be clearer. . The virtue is certainly not theological. Love is essentially practical thing. . If the question

The virtue that is the queen of all virtues?

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the virtue of Prudence is the queen of all virtues because through its exercise we acquire the moral knowledge necessary to form all other act

How do you develop virtues?

You can deveop virtues easily 1 St take a diary and write down the qualities you want to build inyoursef . Your soul is 1000 times superior than you ,it has all thequlities .

What is the adjective for virtue?

The adjective for the noun virtue (having virtue) is virtuous . A related adjective is virtual, which means either"almost certain" or "in image alone" ( virtual reality ).
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How do you get the virtues?

Ultimately, this is the Character of Almighty God, thus it is thru Him and His Words in the Bible this gets infused into us daily as we read, study, meditate on His Words and
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What actors and actresses appeared in Love and Virtue - 2010?

The cast of Love and Virtue - 2010 includes: Saffron Burrows as Bradamante Stephen Dillane as Charlemagne Daryl Hannah as Fiordelisa Virginie Ledoyen as Angelica Damian Lewis