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What is a macaw?

A macaw is a brightly coloured bird that comes in a variety of different colours and breeds, such as the macaw:red and blue or yellow and blue.   red tailed macaw:black wit

What eats macaws?

Jaguars, ocelots, big cats, hawks e.t.c.    Tigers, lions, jaguars, hawks, eagles. Basically, all big cats and  big birds

What is a scarlet macaw?

A Scarlet Macaw is a beautiful large red, long-tailed parrot native to South America.

What does the macaw eat and what does the macaw get eaten bys the macaw?

Macaws in South America will eat fruit and clay. Yes clay, it helps the digestive system. Macaws are NOT eaten by other macaws. They can be eaten by jaguars and other jungle c

What is the macaws movement?

Let me say, first of all, that your girl is behaving perfectly normally. My B&G lunged at me when I first got her too, and she wasn't bluffing either. The bluffing came a litt

How big is the macaw?

the bid macaws are 30 to 45 inches and the small macaws are 30 to 35 inches
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Where do macaws migrate to?

On the whole, macaws do not migrate. They already live in warmer  areas where food is abundant, so do not need to migrate during cold  seasons to places where there is more