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Is prepaid insurance a current asset?

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Is premises is current asset or fixed asset?

Premises, if owned, are considered as a fixed asset. This is because it is usually retained for the long term, and is used by the firm to generate profits. An example is a bak

Is a prepaid expense an operating asset?

    Yes. the are counted as a non-financial asset.A prepaid expense is a considered an asset because it entitles the company to receive a benefit in the future. They a

What type of assets are capital assets and how do they differ from current assets?

Capital assets, also referred to as capital goods and plant, property and equipment, are a kind of non-current asset. The main purpose of these assets is generating revenue fo

What are current assets and current liabilities?

As a individual taxpayer any thing that you own is a current personal asset. An individual taxpayer can also have some business assets to be counted you would add the value

What is current assets and non current assets?

current is all visible and non current assets are not visible like preleminary exp, good will etc Current Assets Current Assets include Cash and Assets that will be converte