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Social Security is only taxed if you have other income as well. If you have direct deposit, your Medicare part B will be removed for you. All other retirement is taxed depending on the amount of your total income. Have you taxes done early, by SSAdministration, no charge, and many seniors organizations offer free return preparation for seniors or disabled people. Ask around,and be prepared to go as soon as your annual income statements all show up.
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If I win a sweepstakes is the money taxable?

  In the US - winnings of any sort of lottery, gambling, raffle, contest, etc are taxable as ordinary income. You won INCOME from someplace...and that is what income tax i

If you cash in a insurance policy is the money taxable?

Any cash value beyond the total amount of premiums paid is mostlikely taxable at ordinary income tax rates. It also depends onownership, beneficiary (e.g. a Trust) but for mos

What is the amount allowed for non-taxable gifting money?

  $12,000 per year, per donor and donee. I can give $12,000 a year to as many different people as I choose. Any amount I pay for anyone else's educational and/or medical s

Is money from a EEOC lawsuit taxable?

Yes-if you get a settlement from the EEOC it is taxable. If it is considered wages it is taxed at the rate your wages were taxed. If it is compensatory damages it is taxed at

When did Social Security retirement benefits become taxable?

  Social Security retirement benefits became taxable during the Carter administration at the same time Unemployment benefits were made taxable (also under the Carter admin

Is Ex Gratia money taxable?

  Hi       It varies based on the context, usually exgratia is a mode of payment which is paid as favour. If it is paid towards kindness upon damage, loosing proper

Are foreign retirements taxable in the US?

Usually the country that you are a resident of gets to tax your foreign retirement income. As a US Citizen or Resident alien you are required to report all of your gross world

Is money won in a medical lawsuit taxable?

Answer   I woudn't think so since it would be double taxation if you already paid the bills from your own money (i.e. salary that is taxed). Actually, isn't there an area
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Class action Settlement money is it taxable?

  You never know how many people are facing the same problem with a product or service. The ones who start a     Class Action usually get the bigger chunk of the s