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Social Security is only taxed if you have other income as well. If you have direct deposit, your Medicare part B will be removed for you. All other retirement is taxed depending on the amount of your total income. Have you taxes done early, by SSAdministration, no charge, and many seniors organizations offer free return preparation for seniors or disabled people. Ask around,and be prepared to go as soon as your annual income statements all show up.
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Is inherited money taxable?

Answer . It depends on the amount and situation. Check with a tax accountant.

If I win a sweepstakes is the money taxable?

In the US - winnings of any sort of lottery, gambling, raffle, contest, etc are taxable as ordinary income. You won INCOME from someplace...and that is what income tax is paid

Is money left to you from an estate taxable?

Yes,Inheritance-tax is charged on chargeable transfers made during the taxpayers lifetime as well as on death,subject to reliefs and acceptions.

Is money from a EEOC lawsuit taxable?

Yes-if you get a settlement from the EEOC it is taxable. If it is considered wages it is taxed at the rate your wages were taxed. If it is compensatory damages it is taxed at

Is borrowed money taxable?

Money that is borrowed is not taxable.. If you borrow it and don't pay it back, it can be classified as income and be subject to income tax.. If you borrow money and are not

What year did retirement income become taxable?

Pretty much always has been.....the new ROTH IRAs aren't...that was a change. (The contributions to plans have historically been not taxed and withdrawals are)

Is retirement benefit taxable?

Sure is.

Are foreign retirements taxable in the US?

Usually the country that you are a resident of gets to tax your foreign retirement income. As a US Citizen or Resident alien you are required to report all of your gross world

What is the taxability of insurance money?

This depends on the type of insurance money and who paid the premiums for the insurance for the insurance money that was received and what reason was the payments made. A LO
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Is Ex Gratia money taxable?

\n. Hi\n. \n. It varies based on the context, usually exgratia is a mode of payment which is paid as favour. If it is paid towards kindness upon damage, loosing property et