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Is silver magnetic?

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No, silver is not magnetic.  
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Is solid silver magnetic?

ANSWER:   Like gold and copper, it is diamagnetic. See the link for more details.

Do magnets stick to silver?

No, silver is very similar to gold and is not magnetic. It does not turn magnetic on its own however in a magnetic field it magnetizes to a very little extent.

Why are silver coins not magnetic?

  For the same reason that copper pipes and aluminum foil are not magnetic - silver is not a ferrous metal and has only very weak magnetic properties.

Does a magnet stick to silver?

A magnet does not normally stick to silver. However a current of electricity passing through silver wire will produce a magnetic field around the wire. That electric field wou

Can silver be magnetized?

No. Only a hand-full of metals can be magnetized, for example iron, nickel and cobalt.

How do you get on the magnet train in soul silver?

"Find "Copycat" who lives in Saffron City and is located below the Magnet train. Enter the house and talk to her. She will tell you she lost her Favorite Doll. Go to Vermillio
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Will magnet stick to silver plate?

Probably not. You need a ferromagnetic material for a magnet to stick. There are basically three elements that are ferromagnetic: Cobalt [Co]; Nickel [Ni]; & Iron [Fe] (and s