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Is sperm swallowing allowed by Islam?

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I don't think there is an express ban on it in the Koran so it is allowed,


Some say No.
It is filthy.

Others say it's okay.
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Can you swallow sperm?

Yes , if you like its taste. It is harmless as long as the person you get it from doesn't have an STD. Your own semen is not harmful to your body since it is yours, just lik

Can sperm be swallow?

Yes you can swallow semen without being poisoned,or harmed. But sometimes you may not like the taste and you might need to chew to avoid choking in case of a cumshot

Does swallowing of semen is allowed in Islam?

no --------------------------------------- Some scholars say: no, it is filthy. Other people say it is okay. I am not sure who is right. Sorry. Additional answer

If you swallow sperm what can it do to you?

  It can supposedly clear up your complexion.     It will definitely leave a weird taste in your mouth.     But swallowed semen definitely will NOT get you p

Can sperm be swallowed?

Yes, sperm can be swallowed.

How can you swallow sperm?

If you like egg-whites its easy...   A:   Just let the guy ejaculate in your mouth and swallow it. Or you could lick it up off yourself or someone else.

What if you swallow sperm?

if you swallow sperm it is not a big deal just get over it (sometimes it even tastes good)

Is it allowed in Islam to taste sperm?

if your maried you can do whatever you want, execpt anal..      ------------------------------------------      Some scholars say No.   It is fil
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Is semen swallowing allowed in Islam?

It is said in Islam husband should give sperm as much as possible to his wife. ------------------------------------------- Some scholars say no. It is filthy. Others say

Can women swallow men in Islam?

Do you mean oral sex? Well, Islam allows husband and wife to do whatevey they like to enjoy themselves so long these deeds are not against Islamic teachings. For example, man
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Did Islam permit to swallow semen?

NO, Islam is the only religion based on Nature. Human nature abhors and detests such filth. It is a kind of perversion. No sane human being would like it.