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How does an ice pack help the injury?

Cold contricts blood vessels and reduces inflamation, which is the cause of a lot of the pain an injury generates, but relieving pain does not address the mending of an injury… (MORE)

Who invented ice packs?

In 1971, Jacob Spencer of Nortech Laboratories submitted an application for the nation's first patent involving a flexible gel application for hot and cold therapy. Patent # 3… (MORE)

Can gel pens give you ink poisoning?

The only way that its possible to get ink poisoning from ANY type of pen is to swallow it, or if it gets inside of an open cut. Scientists who researched this proved that you … (MORE)

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How do you dispose of blue ice packs?

According to the original maker of Blue Ice (Pelton Shepard), you may cut the bag open and throw the gel content away, they claim that the gel is bio degradable over time. The… (MORE)

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Can you put ice packs on heads?

Yes, if you hit your head or bump it ice will bring down the swelling. Ice is good for many bumps, burns, and scrapes.

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How do you pack ice and dry ice?

In packing dry ice, make sure to use well insulated coolers, preferably those with automatic ventilation. In packing make sure to place the clocks or slabs of dry ice as close… (MORE)