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Is the blue gel in ice pack poisonous?

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Is the blue gel in ice pack poisonous?
yes it is very poisonous and once it is contained in the human body it can kill u! if u eat it or drink it then u culd end up like me and like almost die.
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Can you bring an ice pack on a plane?

You cannot bring an ice pack on a plane. You may only do this if  the ice pack is provided for you by airport personal.

Can gel pens give you ink poisoning?

The only way that its possible to get ink poisoning from ANY type of pen is to swallow it, or if it gets inside of an open cut. Scientists who researched this proved that you

How can an ice pack relieve inflammation?

An Ice pack relives inflammation by cooling down blood vessels. The coolness helps calm down the inflammation and takes the pain away. It also numbs it. The rapid cooling numb
How do you pack ice and dry ice?

How do you pack ice and dry ice?

In packing dry ice, make sure to use well insulated coolers, preferably those with automatic ventilation. In packing make sure to place the clocks or slabs of dry ice as close

Is dry ice poisonous?

  Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). Humans exhale CO2 as a byproduct of the body combining oxygen breathed in and carbon from food, so breathing some CO2 is not. Howe

How do you dispose of blue ice packs?

According to the original maker of Blue Ice (Pelton Shepard), you may cut the bag open and throw the gel content away, they claim that the gel is bio degradable over time. The

Is the liquid in ice packs toxic?

it wont harm you but it will cause upset tummy
Does ice pack cause redness?

Does ice pack cause redness?

Yes an ice pack does cause redness from cooling the skin.

What is in a ice pack?

It is like a freezing gel

Why is the ice from your ice maker blue?

blue ice color can only be made by blue toilet cleaning soluions  that have been frozen, food coloring will not freeze throughout the  water and create solid blue ice like t

Is silica gel poisonous to dogs?

If a dog ingests silica gel beads it is unlikely to cause harm to  the dog. It may cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of  appetite. If these symptoms occur after i
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What do you do if you swallow a little of the blue gel i the ice pack?

Be sure to rinse your mouth out with either mouthwash, toothpaste, or just water. Then brush your teeth and tongue. If you want to be sure that you wouldn't get sick or anythi