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Is the carta engorius spiritual astrological society a part of the illuminati?

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No. They are a mail scam company. The PostMaster General in Bufalo New York has been made aware of this group's illegal fraud practices. They send out letters demanding payment for something never signed for and they they threaten you if you do not pay. In the legal community this is known as Harassment and Mail Fraud. Throw their letters away instead of falling prey to their "free" report.
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Is the watchtower society Illuminati?

The Watchtower is a periodic publication of The Watchtower Society,  otherwise known as Jehovah's Witnesses.

Is the Carta Engorius Society request for payment a scam?

Yes, carta engorius is a SCAM. Nobody paid them $350 to contact  you. You were on a mailing list that they hit. If you respond, they  will send you 3 envelopes..the first ha

Why is astrology not part of science?

Astrology is not a science because it does not use scientific methods to do what it does. And what it essentially does it "predict the future" or allow "guidance" to be intuit

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No, but people can call themselves whatever they like. See the link below. In real life, no one is part of the Illuminati. They broke up in 1785. All modern "Illuminati" cla

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No, The Game (aka Jayceon Terrell Taylor) is not an Illuminati. The Illuminati is not an organization of entertainers or celebrities. The Illuminati was an organization (177

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In real life, no one. They broke up in 1785. All modern "Illuminati" claims are fictional. Not one of the claimed people has ever been proven Illuminati in a court of law. Som

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Not since 1785, but there are some people who enjoy pretending that the reason they are such losers is that all the good stuff is sewn up by an Illuminati, Reptilian, Skull an

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Tomorrowland is or was the futuristic and science-fiction section  of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. I can"t see any connection  between the happiest place on Earth and

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While NASA is populated by very intelligent, educated people, andthe Illuminati was alleged to have been populated by intelligent,educated people, that's where the similaritie