Is the name Emily the best name ever?

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Emily is not the best name ever Fiona is
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Have you ever kissed a girl named Emily?

I've already kissed Mary, Susy, Carla, Laurita, Pingo, Suely, Nathalie, Cida Menck, Melissa, Nely.... sorry, Emily not yet. Where can I find Emily to kiss her ?

Name of the best game ever? This game have everything, it´s have photos, race, battle, freee game, flying, galaxys, you can make

What is the best fun name ever?

i think the most funest name ever would hav to b alehandro even tho lady gaga sang a song like it but still i think its fun and a really kewl name if u like lady gaga or evr h

Is khushi the best name ever?

i think its ok but i think a better name would be cyristal or gemma or ruby diamond garnet emrald or riley if you think thats to normall here are some more hope faith inspire

Is Laura the best name ever?

It depends on your opinion- personally I don't like the name Laura, it's so common. I like uncommon names and such. That is purely a matter of opinion. Laura is as good a n