Is the name Emily the best name ever?

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Emily is not the best name ever Fiona is
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Emily Dickinson's middle name?

Emily Dickinson's middle name is Elizabeth. Emily Dickinson is mostknown for being a poet. Some of her works include The Poems ofEmily Dickinson.

What is the best name ever?

There is no "best name", it's a matter of personal preference. Names that some people don't like are favorite names to other people. Names also tend to fluctuate in popularity, going from being a very popular name for a year or two, then becoming one of the less favorite names again, only to becom (MORE)

Is Emily a good name?

my name is Emily so i think is an awsome name its the sort of name for random girls who rock my name is Emily too, so obviously i think its the best! I am definetly random and I think i rock- my name is Emily to how wierd i don't like it much but hay ho lol im not called Emily but my best (MORE)

What is the best catchy msn name ever?

YOUR own name with some thought, for example... мѕη ηαмє ๓รภ ภค๓є ⓜⓢⓝ ⓝⓐⓜⓔ ᄊ丂刀 刀ムᄊ乇 ๓รภ ภค๓є You can get these at sites like... http (MORE)

What is the best ever girls name?

I think the nicest baby names are Olivia, Isabelle, Hannah, Charlotte and if you would like something different i think osha is so cute! xxx

What is the name off Emily in skins?

{The real name of Emily of of skins is Kathryn Prescott and her twin Katie's real names is Megan Prescott.}** Effy - KAYA SCODELARIO Emily - KATHRYN PRESCOTT Naomi - LILY LOVELESS Katie - MEGAN PRESCOTT Pandora - LISA BACKWELL JJ - OLLIE BARBIERI Cook - JACK O'CONNEL Freddie - LUKE (MORE)

What is Emily Dickinson's real name?

Emily Dickinson was her real name. She was named after her mother.Emily Dickinson was born on 10th December, 1830, in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts.

If your name is Emily is your real name Amelia?

Not necessarily. Some people named Amelia nickname themselves Emily, due to personal preference for the name. However, there are people who are named Emily, and who have no connection to the name Amelia.

Is Chloe the best name ever?

Yes it is as it is brings good luck to everyone with that name Chloe Is Great sister and a great friend. My name is chloe and i am the best so is my friend From Chloe Lavelle Chloe Love Charlotte Purcell and the whole french class of year 8 set 1.

The best name ever?

the best name ever ofcourse is myria for a girl it is not a popular name and that is good u wouldn't like it to have the same name with other girls in class that's just real common sense my ria stands for myriad which means a lot it could be a lot of money a lot of plasnt news a lot of toys a lot of (MORE)

What is the best girl name ever?

Favourite names are a matter of personal choice. Here are some our contributors like. Vachuane I think there are 4 best girl names, Michelle, bailey, Candace and Imogen. but Michelle has a cute nickname: mimi and we all like Michelle Obama bailey i like the nickname! : boo! its so cute (MORE)

Does Emily Dickinson have a pen name?

Emily always wrote under her own name. Emily only had a couple of poems published in her lifetime though, so she didn't really have a chance to use one.

Which name is prettier Rachel or Emily?

I prefer Rachel. Although there are some pretty cool Emilys of note: Emily Bronte, and Emily Dickinson come to mind. I never much liked the sound of Emily though and I can't fathom why it's so popular. So, for me, it's a decisive "Rachel".

What is the English name 'Emily' in Italian?

Emilia is an Italian equivalent of the English word Emily. Specifically, the name is a feminine proper noun. It traces its origins back to the Latin name Aemilia . The original meaning is "rival" ( rivale ) if the Latin name derives from the Latin word aemulus . The pronunciation is 'eh-MEE (MORE)

What is the best boy name ever?

Well i don't think there are any "best" names ever, well that's in my opinion. The name you have is the best. I am happy with my name and so should you. (\__/) (='-'=) Bunny Agrees (")_(")

What is Emilie Autumn's real name?

She has stated that her legal name is Emilie Autumn Liddell. This is not her birth name. (Liddell was her maternal grandmother's maiden name.)

Have you ever kissed a girl named Emily?

I've already kissed Mary, Susy, Carla, Laurita, Pingo, Suely, Nathalie, Cida Menck, Melissa, Nely.... sorry, Emily not yet. Where can I find Emily to kiss her ?

Name of the best game ever? This game have everything, it´s have photos, race, battle, freee game, flying, galaxys, you can make your own level. Look at the video, if u like it, share it

What is the best fun name ever?

i think the most funest name ever would hav to b alehandro even tho lady gaga sang a song like it but still i think its fun and a really kewl name if u like lady gaga or evr heard her new song its the best song evr!

What is the best club penguin name ever?

its Oscar one and if you ever meet him add him to your friends list because hes famous heres a tip he goes on clubpenguin on wensdays on blizzard or slipper in the cove good luck finding him

Is the name Emily populer?

The name Emily is really popular lots of people have it and the name Emily sounds really nice.In my school at least 25 to 40 people have that name.

Is Sofia the best name ever?

Well, in someone's opinion Sofia would be the best name ever. But to some other people, Sofia is not the best name ever. Henceforth Sofia being the best name ever is an opinion.

Is khushi the best name ever?

i think its ok but i think a better name would be cyristal or gemma or ruby diamond garnet emrald or riley if you think thats to normall here are some more hope faith inspire destiny courage mission lovealots beliena or maybe cena or renaella rihanna tehilla hanna rhea nadia lea katiella maya libby (MORE)

Is amina the best name ever?

there is no name that shows the behavior or features of a person,note that,the behavior of a person depends on his/her childhood life and the family situation that ones had.but name is just a phase to differentiate people in community.BY KIANGATA,email;

What name is better Emily or Kayla?

it depends : Emily will be a succesfull business woman and make some money and live in an apartment in NYC and will get married in between 30 years old and 40 years old. her looks are iight . But Kayla would be a successfull hairstylist and would be famous at some point , she will not get married bu (MORE)

Is Charlie the best name ever?

As long as your not a stuck up, opinionated, ill educated, middle class, half wit, then its a great name. Just a shame so many uneducated, angry, wanna-be somebodies choose it too. Any teacher who judges a child by his/her name should be sacked.

Is Laura the best name ever?

It depends on your opinion- personally I don't like the name Laura, it's so common. I like uncommon names and such. That is purely a matter of opinion. Laura is as good a name as Stacy, Carrie, Samantha or Waffles.

Is Emma the best name ever?

Many names seem awesome. I have a horse named Emma that is very sweet. I agree it is a great name, but maybe not the best name ever.

What gender is the name Emily for?

Emily is a name primarily used for females, however different spellings could be used for males as well. Emily is usually a female name and not usually used for males. Even though it's rarely used it can be used for a male's name.