Is the pico volcano in azores active?

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No it is extinct so it can never erupt again so it is perfectly safe.
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Where are the Azores?

A group of volcanic islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean about 1,448 km (900 mi) west of mainland Portugal, of which they are administrative districts. Fishing, farming, and

How old is the Pico volcano in Portugal Africa?

The Pico volcano is not situated in Africa; it's in the Azores, Portugal, which is part of the European continent. The volcano itself is considered very recent, with an estima

What are active volcanoes?

Active volcanoes are those which are liable to erupt or haveshown frequent eruptions within recent history. They are ones that still erupt at (irregular) intervals, oftengent

What are active volcano?

active volcanoes are volcanoes that or which always erupt ,it could once or twice a month to erupt.

Is the pico de orizaba volcano active?

Pico de Orizaba (the third highest peak in North America) is considered "dormant" but not extinct. It was last active in the 17th Century, erupting in 1613, 1630, and 1687. It
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Is pico de orizaba a composite volcano?

Yes, the Pico de Orizaba is classified as a "composite volcano" (also known as a stratovolcano) because its peak was raised by added material from each subsequent eruption. Pi
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Is Pico De Orizaba a volcano?

yes it is a volcano go to google images and then type in Pico De Orizaba and it comes up a volcano
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Where are active volcanoes?

Active volcanoes are mostly found on islands such as japan ,andaman and nicobar etc.
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What does the volcano Pico De Orizaba spit out?

It did spit lava as well as a superheated mix of volcanic ash and debris known as a pyroclastic flow; last time it did was 1846, some 166 years ago. Right now it is a dormant