Is the pico volcano in azores active?

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No it is extinct so it can never erupt again so it is perfectly safe.
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Where are the Azores?

A group of volcanic islands in the northern Atlantic Ocean about 1,448 km (900 mi) west of mainland Portugal, of which they are administrative districts. Fishing, farming, and tourism are important to their economy.

How old is the Pico volcano in Portugal Africa?

The Pico volcano is not situated in Africa; it's in the Azores, Portugal, which is part of the European continent. The volcano itself is considered very recent, with an estimate age of 750,000 years.

Where is an active volcano?

There are several active volcanoes located in the world. Someinclude Galeras in Colombia, Mount Baker in Washington, andPopocatepetl in Mexico.

What does active volcano mean?

An active volcano is a term used to describe a volcano that has erupted within the past 600 years. A volcano that is not active, or has not erupted for 600 years or more is known as dormant. An "active" volcano is any volcano that shows signs of eruption, or that is known to erupt over a period of years or decades.The other type is a "dormant" volcano, which has erupted in the past but not within several decades or centuries. A more specific classification lists volcanoes that are either erupting or likely to erupt as opposed to clasification by varying historical records. Those not on either list are unlikely to erupt in the foreseeable future.

Where is the world's largest active volcano?

I'm quite sure that the largest volcano is in Mauna Loa in Hawaii if you talking about area, and if you mean height, then I think it would be in Ojos del Salado in Chile and Argentina, reaching a height of 6892m high. If you would like to check this info then just search "Where is the world's largest volcano located", that where I got my answer. The answer that I think it is: Mt. Guallatiri in Chile: Guallatiri is one of the most active in northern . It is just west of the border with and at the southwestern end of the . It is a symmetrical 6,071 m high ice-clad . Guallatiri is capped by a central dome or lava complex, with the active vent at its southern side.

Where are some active volcanoes?

A: There are under water volcano's at present making new land. The first is at the Canary Island of El Hierro, Magma emerging from the sea may eventually join up with the El Hierro Island. The second is the under water volcano in the Red sea between Rugged Island and Haycock Island. These are interesting as they will show land development over time. And the evolution of Islands.

What are active volcanoes?

Active volcanoes are those which are liable to erupt or haveshown frequent eruptions within recent history. They are ones that still erupt at (irregular) intervals, oftengently emitting gases and steam during their quiescent spells.

Where is the oldest active volcano?

Mt, Etna in Italy is thought to be the world's oldest active volcano. The first record of its eruption dates back to 1500 BC. Since then, Etna has erupted 190 times. It is one of the largest continental volcanoes and has the largest record of historic eruptions. It last erupted in 1993 which was its largest. In mythology, Etna was identified as the location of the forge of Vulcan, home of the Cyclopes and the giant Enceladus. Here, the eruptions refer to the giant's breath and earthquakes to his motion.

Does Venus' have active volcanoes?

We know that Venus has many volcanoes and while we are not certain that any of these are active (there is no direct proof yet), several lines of evidence point to ongoing volcanic activity on Venus. The volcanoes venus does have could of been active here is no proof of this yet but there could of been life on venus to but it changed cause of the volcanoes erupting

What is the name of an active volcano in Europe?

Mount Vesuvius., Stromboli and Mount Etna are all active volcanoes in Europe. Iceland also has a significant number of active volcanoes (the most recent eruption being that of Grímsvötn in 2004) due to it's location on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Please see the related links for more information.

Where are the most active volcanoes in the world?

Many volcanoes have been in continuous eruption for decades. Etna, Stromboli, and Yasur have been erupting for hundreds or thousands of years. The following 4 volcanoes emit the most lava: Kilauea (Hawaii), Mt Etna (Italy), Piton de la Fournaise (Réunion), Nyamuragira, (D.R. Congo). They are mostly found in the Ring of Fire (Pacific Ocean).

What volcano is an active volcano?

Any volcano that has erupted within the Holocene epoch ( i.e. within the past 12,000 years) is considered to be active. Some examples of active volcanoes are Mount Etna in Sicily, Kilauea in Hawaii, Mount St. Helens in the US, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, Krakatoa in Indonesia and Mount Vesuvius in Italy.

What are active volcano?

active volcanoes are volcanoes that or which always erupt ,it could once or twice a month to erupt.

Is the pico de orizaba volcano active?

Pico de Orizaba (the third highest peak in North America) is considered "dormant" but not extinct. It was last active in the 17th Century, erupting in 1613, 1630, and 1687. It had at least four eruptions in the 1500's as well.

What is volcano activity?

volcano activity is when crap from a volcano is carried to America then it is taken to Slovakia. i am just kidding. i have no f**ckin idea of what volcano activity is. good luck on your test. LOSER!!!

How can you say if a volcano is an active volcano?

Scientists generally consider any volcano that has erupted within the Holocene epoch (the past 12,000 years) to be active. when u c smoke and ashes coming from the volcanoe hole.... lava comin out too

Are there any active volcanoes in France?

No, the only existing volcanoes in France are in the Chaîne desPuys , a north-south chain of cone, dome and maar volcanoes. Thelast calculated eruption in the chain was around 4000 BC, more thansix thousand years ago.

What is the nearest active volcano to Wisconsin?

That would have to be the SuperVolcano lying under Wyoming in the Snake River plain. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory report of February 1, 2011 clearly states that were FIFTY-SEVEN earthquakes during the month of January 2011 in the Yellowstone National Park region. The good news is that the largest was a 2.4 magnitude, and there were no "earhquake swarms". The current Volcano Alert Level is GREEN.

Where are the two active volcanoes?

There are many Volcanoes in the world but not a lot of them are active today. One active volcano is in Hawaii, and the other volcano is in Greenland. Happy i answered your question. :)

What are the countries that have active volcanoes in them?

Alaska Peninsula, United States Aluetian Islands, United States Ambae Island, Vanuatu Ambrym Island, Vanuatu Andaman Islands, India Argentina Australia Azores Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea C California, United States Cameroon Canary Islands Cape Verde Central Islands, Vanuatu Chad Chile Chuginadak, Alaska, United States Colombia Cook Inlet, Alaska, United States Costa Rica D Democratic Republic of Congo E Earth's Moon Ecuador El Salvador Enceladus Ethiopia F G Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Grand Comore Grand Comore Island, Indian Ocean, Grand Comore Greece Guatemala H Halmahera Arc, Indonesia Hawaii, United States Heimaey, IcelandTonga Islands, Tonga Hokkaido, Japan I Iceland Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua India Io Italy Izu Islands, Japan J Japan Java, Indonesia Jupiter's Moon K Kamchatka, Russia Kenya Kurile Island, Russia Kyushu, Japan L Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia Libya M Mariana Islands, Central Pacific Ocean Mars Martinique Mexico Montserrat, West Indies New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea New Zealand Nicaragua O Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Q R Reunion Island, Indian Ocean Russia Ryukyu Islands, Japan Sangihe Islands, Indonesia Saturn's Moon Siau Island, Indonesia Sicily, Italy South Sandwich Islands Southern Indian Ocean, Australia Sulawesi, Indonesia Sunda Strait, Indonesia Sumatra, Indonesia T Tanzania Tonga Trinidad U United States V Vanuatu Venus W Wyoming, United States X Y Z . Color Key: Countries Other Worlds Cities or Names of Places .

Are there active volcanoes on Jupiter?

Not that we know of... Jupiter has no 'surface' as you'd think of one in planetary terms... it's possibly liquid or solid hydrogen, methane and a couple of other gasses but we don't actually know. You may be thinking of Io; one of Jupiters moons that has reportedly 400 volcanoes on it!

What are the worlds most active volcanos?

There are hundred of active volcanoes. Europe/Italy: Mount Etna. Hawaii (USA): Kilauea and Mouna Loa. USA: Mount St Helens. Other active volcanoes: Mount Vesuvius and Mount Pinatubo (if it is).

Where is most active volcano?

On Io a moon of Jupiter. On Earth, probably . Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA . Vesuvius, Naples, Italy . Avachinsky-Koryaksky, Kamchatka, Russia

Where are most active volcanoes at?

Most active volcanoes are found along the ring of fire, a region with a high amount of tectonic plate activity that surrounds most of the pacific ocean.

Is pico de orizaba a composite volcano?

Yes, the Pico de Orizaba is classified as a "composite volcano" (also known as a stratovolcano) because its peak was raised by added material from each subsequent eruption. Pico de Orizaba reached its current height during its latest eruption in the year 1687.

Is a shield volcano an active volcano?

It can be. They are formed at hot spots sometimes so they become inactive as the plate moves. The Hawaiian Islands are a good example of Shield volcanoes over a hot spot.

Is there any active volcanoes in Mexico?

Yes, the names are Pinacate Peaks, Tres Virgines, Ceboruco, Popcatepetl, El Chichon, Vulcan De San Martin, Colima, Paricutin, and Pico De Orizaba. In the ocean there are two active volcanoes named Barcena and Socorro.

How many active volcanos are in Mexico?

11 They are: . Pinacate Peaks . Tres Virgines . Ceboruco . Popcatepetl . El Chichon . Vulcan De San Martin . Colima . Paricutin . Pico De Orizaba . In the ocean there are two active volcanoes named Barcena and Socorro.

Why UK has no active volcanoes?

Because the UK isn't on a geological fault. ^^^^ Yeah It Is But Really Its Favouritisoum ;) God Loves The UK The Most ;D And Because We Are Too Cool For It :L ^^^ Hope I Helped With The Answer Guys xx

How many active volcanoes does Oregon have?

About one, which is Crater Lake. It is commonly mistaken to be extinct, but there is geothermal activity found in it. Some other NOT acitive volcanoes in Oregon, but are still being watcheD are Newberry Caldera, South Sister, and Mt. Hood.

What does the volcano Pico De Orizaba spit out?

It did spit lava as well as a superheated mix of volcanic ash and debris known as a pyroclastic flow; last time it did was 1846, some 166 years ago. Right now it is a dormant volcano; however it is not extinct.

Can active volcanoes become in active?

Some types of volcanoes are known as "monogenetic" meaning they are formed in and limited to, one single eruption, commonly forming cinder cones. One example is Paricutin in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. Some volcanoes become dormant, meaning they haven't erupted in several hundred thousand years, but are thought to still contain eruptible magma somewhere beneath them. An example would be Mt Ranier in the Cascades Arc. Some volcanoes become inactive or "extinct" because the magmatic system feeding them becomes shut off, migrates to another volcano, or simply stops supplying them (this is poorly understood as the timescales over which this occurs are so huge). An example of this would be the Hawaii-Emperor Seamount Chain - the islands are all volcanoes that become progressively older the further North you go. This is because the magma source feeding the volcanoes came from a "hot-spot" or "mantle-plume" located in a fixed position underneath the Pacific tectonic plate. As the plate moved over the top, the magma source become cut off, rendering one volcano extinct, while building another one slightly further South.