Is the polar bear stronger than the Andean condor?

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Yes, a polar bear could quite easily overpower a condor.
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What is the Andean Condor?

Answer . A bird in the vulture family. It is the heaviest flying land bird in the western hemisphere. This bird lives primarily in the Andes Mountains and is the national s

Is a polar bear stronger than a grizzly bear?

Yes, because a polar bear is much larger and powerful in size: Polar bears weigh between 600 and 1200 lbs, whereas grizzly bears average between 500 and 800 lbs. Polar bears c

Is a polar bear stronger than a tiger?

A Polar Bear is much larger in size as well as weight when compared to a Tiger. The Polar Bear is the largest carnivore walking this earth. Siberian Tigers are huge but they a

Is polar bear is stronger than a tiger?

Depends on the species of tiger. In most cases it could be said that a polar bear would be stronger than a tiger by the fact that polar bears have been known to pull narwhals
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Is a polar bear stronger than a man?

Yes. A polar bear can drag a 880 pounded dead muskox on ice for a good place to eat no problem. A man has difficulties in pulling a 300 pounded piano.