Is the rocks daughter an actress?

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No she isn't
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How old is the rocks daughter?

Dwayne Johnson's daughter, Simone Alexandra, was born August 14,2001. At the time of this post, she would be 12. Her mother is DanyGarcia, to whom Johnson was married to from

Is Kate Hudson rock Hudson's daughter?

No she is not Rock Hudson's daughter. In fact, they are not even related. Kate Hudson is the daughter of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn. But she was primarily raised by Goldie Ha

What did jack from 30 rock name his daughter?

Elizabeth Donaghy after the main character, Liz Lemon, however Jack refers to her as 'Liddy' in honor of G. Gordon Liddy and Liddy Dole, due to the fact that Jack and Avery ar
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What is kid rock daughter name?

Kid Rock has one son named Robert Ritchie Jr. who was born June 14,1993. The mother of his son is Kelley South Russell, anex-girlfriend. He does not have a daughter. She had t
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Who is Rock Hudson's daughter?

Although Rock Hudson was married to Phyllis Gates for 3 years, the couple had no children. After his death from AIDS in 1985, it was recognized that many of his relationships
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Is Madison pettis the rocks biological daughter?

No. Madison Pettis and Dwayne Johnson only played the parts of adaughter and father for the film "The Game Plan". In reality,Madison's parents are named Steven and Michelle, a