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Is the social security office open today?

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With the government shut down, are social security offices open during the week? I live in Pasadena, California.
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Are the Social Security offices closed on Good Friday?

In 2014, Social Security offices were not closed on Good Friday.  Holiday closures for this year include Memorial Day, Independence  Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's

What is the role of the social security act today?

Social security is like a trust fund. You save money while you work and then you can spend it while you are in retirement. It also gives the Republicans something to argue abo

Decatur Illinois Social Security Office Location?

606 W Pershing Rd Decatur, IL 62526-1616 (217) 875-9170 Dear sir, I have forgotten my ssn b/c of being out of country and lost as well, so kindly guide me to get it on

Do NJ police officers pay in to social security?

State of NJ Police & Fireman did not contribute to the social security system until the early 1990. In the early 1990 a law was passed declaring that Social Security would be

Why is Social Security still important today?

  Social Security is important today because it prevents the applications in which the President can take from a Credit Card Holder. A Social Security holds one's identity

Can the social security office be sued?

i don't think you can sue the government who ever wrote this is completely wrong , Do you realize how much money the government would have to put out every year for lawsuits b

Where is the Social Security Office of Hearings and Appeals in Detroit MI?

If you cannot work due to a physical or mental condition, you should contact a Michigan Social Security Disability Attorney or Lawyer immediately for a free consultation and f