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Is the thorny devil born or hatched?

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They are hatched from eggs.
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What instincts is the thorny devil born with?

The thorny devil is hatched, not born. Its first instinct upon hatching is to dig upwards to the surface as it hatches from eggs that are laid about 30 cm underground,

Why are thorny devil lizards called devil?

Thorny devils are unusual lizards, covered all over with sharp thorn-like protuberances. They are not the sort of lizard one is encouraged to pick up - hence the name, devil.

Do thorny devils eat snakes?

No. They eat ants.

How do the thorny devils survive in their environment?

The Australian thorny devil is covered with soft spines. When water lands on the thorny devil's back, whether by rain or just overnight dew, it runs down the reptile's spines

How does a thorny devil die?

Just because it has "thorns" doesn't mean its impossible to kill.  Thorny devils are just regular organisms that have adapted with  skin covered in sharp spikes. They can di