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Is the time between the answers and the questions shortened to save time on Jeopardy game show?

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Portions of the show not affecting the outcome have been edited. I very mush doubt that saving air time is one of those things, they would cut any dead air where nothing is happening to move the show along. They do tape 5 shows each day and that doesn't leave that much extra time. The longer the studio is being used the higher the production costs. It is not just a few people involved in putting together the show, but a huge staff of professionals.
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Game show questions and answers?

Game show questions and answers can vary depending on the type ofshow. Generally , the questions are about celebrities, currentevents, and music.

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Go to the Jeopardy category and search. Or, use the search function inthe top right corner tool bar. Or, type a question in the green question bar above. The record of Previou

How many shows does Jeopardy tape at a time?

Jeopardy like Wheel of Fortune record a week programs in a day and also work for at least 3 and as many as 5 days in a row when the studios are set up for recording programs.

Why are the answers in Jeopardy in question form?

Because the show was designed to provide an answer for a category and the contestant had to come up with the question. It gets confusing because if the contestant words must b

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