Is the weasel a rodent?

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No, weasels are members of the Carnivora order, which are predatory meat-eating animals. Rodents are a group of gnawing, mostly omnivorous mammals, with their own Order, Rodentia.
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What do weasels eat?

Weasel is a common name for about 12 species of mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are found throughout North America, Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe Weasels are aggressive and fierce and will attack animals much larger than themselves. Before the attack, they w (MORE)

What is a weasel?

Weasel is a common name for about 12 species of mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are found throughout North America, Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. Weasels are in the famil y Mustelidae of the order Carnivora (they are carnivores) . Originally, the (MORE)

What is a rodent?

A rodent is an animal with two sharp, constantly growing incisors.These teeth are kept short by gnawing. Rodents include rats, mice,hamsters and gerbils. They are mostly very small, although thebiggest rodent is the capybara, which can grow to up to 4.3 feet.Canine ancestors may be a rodent or roden (MORE)

What is the population of the weasel?

Most species of weasel seem to be doing well. We have plenty here in NC and they are rarely seen because of their nocturnal habits. The only species of concern is the least weasel, which is decining in some areas. The population is estimated at 700,000

Do weasels hiss?

\nMost of the weasel family hiss when threatened.\n. \nThe hiss is a low sound lasting for approximately 3 seconds or so, often repeated if the threat does not dissipate. they also offer a scream if the threat intensifies. In mink its a loud high pitched scream, in ferrets and polecats its a barkin (MORE)

What are rodents?

The simple answer is- a rodent is a small furry animal with two large incisor teeth. They are mostly onmivorous. 40% of all animals are rodents. Here is the complex answer; All life on earth is put into separate categories, which helps people to understand how different life forms relate to each (MORE)

What are the weasels enemys?

Pretty much any animal that is hungry and is bigger than it such as owls, foxes, badgers, cats, dogs, wolves, etc.

What is the cousin of the weasel?

The cousin of the weasel is the ferret. Others in the Mustelidae family are minks, ermine, otters, wolverine, fisher, and martens.

What is rodent?

Any of various mammals of the order Rodentia which have two pairs of continuously growing and self-sharpening teeth.

How do weasels reproduce?

They mate with each other.. The same way that all mammals, including humans do. an adult male and an adult female have intercourse.

What are weasels role?

In an ecosystem, a weasels is a predator to the eggs of birds,small rodents, and insects. The role a weasel will exhibit in theecosystem is controlling the population of other species.

What are predators of the weasel?

Most animals try to stay away from weasels. But owls, eagles and other birds of prey might attack a weasel. No animals actually consider them prey. But also badgers, coyotes, foxes, and even other weasels might attack them. (But for the owls, and other birds of prey sometimes the hunters become the (MORE)

Are weasels poisonous?

Weasels are not poisonous. They will bite you if you bother one, but they do not have any venom or poisonous fangs. Weasels are kin to mink, stoats, and ferrets. They are carnivores, and hunt and eat small animals like mice.

Are weasels nice?

Yes. Weasels are nice. They are majestic. But never bother a weasel or he will be sad and you will be unluckyin life.

What is a weaseler?

When inserted into a claim, weaselers give the claim's author a way out in case the claim is challenged. Examples include the use of "perhaps", "maybe", or "if you agree or not" and such.

What is a cousin of the weasel?

A cousin of a weasel is a mink and a ferret. If you want to find more cousins of a weasel just type in weasel to Google or use Wikipedia and type in Mustelidae which is the family of a weasel and More...

Where does a weasel live?

Weasels live in holes in trees and rock or nooks. They will livewherever they can find a place that they fit.

Who are rodents?

Rodents are mammals that have a single pair of incisors in theupper and lower jaws that continuously grow. They are warm bloodedand furry animals. Rodents include mice, rats, squirrels,chipmunks, and beavers.

What are the adaptations of a weasel?

There are many types of weasel, some change fur color during different seasons. Weasels are very strong. They can take down something 6x there own size.

What are weaselers?

an extreme case of qualification in which the apparent meaning is not intended after all.

What is the size of a weasel?

Weasel is a common name for about 12 species of mammals in the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are found throughout North America, Asia, Afica, South America, and Europe. Weasels vary in length from fifteen to thirty-five centimeters (six to fourteen inches), and usually have a light (MORE)

What is weaseling a dog?

Weaseling a dog is the term used with the idea that once a dog has a good fight with a weasel he will hunt down and kill any weasel around. So you put the dog in a barrel with a weasel and close the lid. The dog is in the barrel until he kills the weasel. This is "weaseling the dog" and after the fi (MORE)

What do weasels drink?

weasels drink water or blood.some people say they drink blood but I think they drink water.Weasels love to eat small animals like rabits,chikens,mice things like that.

What are weasel words?

According to WikiPedia: . Weasel words is an informal term for words and phrases that, whilst communicating a vague or ambiguous claim, create an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said. Weasel words manage to vaguely imply meaning far beyond the claim actually made. F (MORE)

Who is the cousin of the weasel?

Weasels are members of the Mustelidae family and are closely related to ferrets, mink, martens, otters, polecats and skunks who are also members of the Mustelidae family.

How do you get a weasel?

You go to Chuck's Coffee shop in Belmont Shore, CA. That's their specialty. It's a scrambled egg with chili, onions, cheese and sause. Chuck (the original) brought the dish from somewhere in Texas in the 40s or 50s.

How big do weasels get?

Weasels are tiny but vicious predators and are the smallest carnivorous mammals in the world growing to no more than 6 inches.

Is a weasel a scavenger?

Weasels are primarily predators, and kill their own prey, rather than picking at carcasses left by other predators.

How do weasels move?

Weasels have four legs that they use to move around. They are ableto climb and jump around quite efficiently.

Can you buy weasels?

yes you can (i think) i think i'v saw a weasle or a ferret i don't know but it was white but anyway you can buy it at any pet store near you (i think) i really want one i have a pet store near me called SUPERPETZ they have lottttttts!

Where can you get a weasel?

If you want a weasel as a pet you should be able to get it at a pet store. I wouldn't suggest touching a wild weasel though. However, weasels are illegal in some places.

Is a wolverine a weasel?

Wolverines belong to the Mustelidae family, so it is correct to say they belong to the 'Weasel Family'. They do not belong to the Mustela genus though, so are not 'true weasels', like Stoats, Ferrets, Mink, and common Weasels.

Does weasel die in the book weasel?

Weasel does die in the book "Weasel" by Cynthia DeFelice. Thecharacter Nathan contemplated killing him, but then decides not to.Weasel dies anyhow.

How do you eat a weasel?

use herbs, salt, pepper and spices. cook it over a fire and then inhale it throught the hole in your face.

Where are weasels located?

Weasels are found in North America. . Long tailed weasels commonly found in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. . Short tailed weasels are found in Canada, Alaska, and the northeastern states, Great Lakes, and northwestern states. . The least weasel is most often found in Canada, Al (MORE)

How do you kill weasels?

You don't want to kill them if possible, if that get some cages and bait. Lure them into the trap and then send them out of town, or wherever they can't reach you again. If you want to do it the easy way, get an exterminator. Look up in the phone book to see the nearest and if that, least expensive (MORE)

Are there weasel in Africa?

Yes there are about 3 species of weasels in Africa. This includes the least, striped and Saharan striped weasels.

Is the weasel family part of the rodent family?

No. Weasels are members of the order Carnivora. Rodents have their own order of Rodentia. Therefore, their families are also different. weasels are members of the family Mustelidae, and rodents have a number of different families within their order.

Does the weasel have a nucleus?

No, weasels do not have a main nucleus, but their cells do . The weasel is an animal, therefore, it is a multicellular organism. All multi cellular organisms are composed of eukaryotic cells (as opposed to prokaryotic cells). Each eukaryotic cell contains its own nucleus. So the weasel itself does (MORE)

What is a least weasel?

Kindly refer to the link attached below. The Least Weasel or Mustela nivalis is considered the smallest living carnivore. Its body length rarely exceeds 23 centimeters and it has reddish-ginger fur, which is brighter than that of most other weasels, who have white under belly fur

Where are weasels in the world?

weasels are in ant artica but it the super forest of wantocky yhey go to the strore and buy a coat for them self and wear it till ant artica is hot