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There is currently no actual cure for AIDS, but there are drugs which are used to slow down the effects of AIDS. Unfortunately, it costs too much for the majority of people infected with the AIDS virus (HIV) to afford the drugs on their own.
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Can aids be cured by newly developed vaccines?

There is no known cure for the AIDS virus. Vaccines are created as  preventative medicines to help protect individuals that do not  already have a disease from contracting t

What are the required chemicals to cure HIV and AIDS?

There is no cure for HIV or AIDS.   The enzymes in an HIV strain are so different, that it would be impossible to make a "chemical" that could target a very specific strai

Is there a cure for HIV AIDS?

no, however there is treatments that will slow the progression down, and help with the symptoms, and there are people trying to come up with a cure everyday. Yes but there is

Can HIV and AIDS be cured or treated?

Those infected with HIV should seek the medical care of an Infectious Disease Specialist or other certified medical professional. There are many treatment options available. T

AIDS can be cured with antibiotics true or false?

False. There is no cure yet for AIDS. Antibiotics work on bacteria. So if an AIDS patient gets a secondary bacterial infection, it would be appropriate for them to take antib

Will there ever be a cure for HIV And AIDS?

The current medical research on cures for HIV and AIDS looks very promising. ...However, the current approach of HIV drug maintenance can keep patients alive, at a cost of $

Is there no cure for aids?

There is still NO cure for AIDS. Although scientists continue to research the disease, there isn't a vaccine yet either - and there probably won't be for another 10 or even 20

Can gypsy tears cure aids or any other disease?

    absolutely! I used to have AIDS. I was dying of AIDS for 2 years when I met a roaming gypsy lady. I immediately stabbed her to steal her tears...I put them in a j

Is it possible to be cured of AIDS or HIV?

 There is at this point in time no cure for HIV and AIDS. Once someone gets it, they have it for life.  -----------------------   But slajeet is the one can help so