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Is there a cure for a pathological liar?

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yes but it takes years of dedicated therapy. by you and your therapist. constantly doing self inventory and asking the help of your friends and family as well as yourself to call you out on the smallest of lies. to have your support team remind you or them what the truth is before the liar has a chance to set the workings of or foundation for there lie.
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How do you detach from a pathological liar?

There are multiple ways you can get away from people with this disorder. One way would be to know whats good for you and no matter what they tell you, for the sake of your san

How do you know if a friend is a pathological liar?

  Answer     you know your friend is a pathological liar basicly if they always have a tendency to lie and if they lie their way to deep in the lie to tell the tr

Do pathological liars ever admit they are liars?

Do Pathological Liars Admit They Lie? Chronic liars are most commonly found among those who have Antisocial Personality Disorder, although some liars also suffer from factitio

Who are pathological liars?

Pathological liars lies on a regular basis and is unable to control their lying despite of foreseeing inevitable negative consequences or ultimate disclosure of the lie.

What is the difference between a pathological liar and a liar?

  Answer     Almost everyone lies occasionally. Usually for a reason: too keep from hurting someone's feeling, to stay out of trouble, to keep from being embaras

Can a pathological liar get cured?

It depends on the person, as some people who suffer from mythomania (compulsive/pathological liars) are the way they are because a mental or physical truama. If they aren't tr

What can you do for a pathological liar?

Take everything that they say with a grain of salt.(Don't believe anything they say) To get them help, you can call your local mental health clinic and they should be able to

Are pathological liars insecure?

not at all!! In fact they are pathologically CONFIDENT! new answer-no,they are cold blooded and harder than a concrete wall...

Can pathological liars be cured?

To me, the word "cure" implies an illness that can be treated, and so we could call it "cured." I don't know what the shrinks would say, but in my experience, this is primaril

Can a pathological liar be cured?

  Answer     Path. lying could be linked to another disorder, go over to the Naricissism category in the health section and get some other info on another possib

How do you cure a pathological liar?

  you dont give him/her any room in your life, know there is no physiological remedy remember the human is body(flesh), mind(will) and spirit(soul), all you can really do