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Is there a method for a nicer smile such as tooth-colored invisaligns rather than clear or some other method to cover stained teeth without seeing a dentist?

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YOU CAN GO TO WAL-MART OR ANY OTHER STORE AND GET HOME WHITING KITS FOR ABOUT 10 OR 15 DOLLARS AND THEY WHITEN YOUR TEETH THE SAME WAY A DENTIST WOULD Answer Yes, but.....the drugstore whiteners all come with trays or methods that expose your gums to the bleach which can irritate them tremendously. This is now suspected to raise the prevalence of oral cancer. I would at least get the initial whitening trays customized by a dentist. They keep the bleach on the tooth itself. Then again, isn`t it crazy to put the equivalent of a bathtub cleaner in one`s mouth?
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Do braces work better than invisalign. I have gaps in between some of my teeth and I was wondering if invisalign would work better than braces for me?

No they do not.. There are big disadvantages of Invisalign to consider. The disadvantages of Invisalign may include: Not everyone is a candidate for Invisal

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