Is there a method for a nicer smile such as tooth-colored invisaligns rather than clear or some other method to cover stained teeth without seeing a dentist?

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YOU CAN GO TO WAL-MART OR ANY OTHER STORE AND GET HOME WHITING KITS FOR ABOUT 10 OR 15 DOLLARS AND THEY WHITEN YOUR TEETH THE SAME WAY A DENTIST WOULD Answer Yes, but.....the drugstore whiteners all come with trays or methods that expose your gums to the bleach which can irritate them tremendously. This is now suspected to raise the prevalence of oral cancer. I would at least get the initial whitening trays customized by a dentist. They keep the bleach on the tooth itself. Then again, isn`t it crazy to put the equivalent of a bathtub cleaner in one`s mouth?
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If with braces you would have to have teeth out will you with invisalign?

Rather than removing teeth, my children were fitted with retainers that changed the shape of their upper palate to fit their teeth. We cranked the retainer a quarter turn every week for almost a year. This allowed the second row of teeth to realign and for others to come down as they should. At the (MORE)

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The SEE Method Statement- Write a sentence to convey a main idea. Extension- Restate or develop the main idea. Elaboration- Provide further information to amplify or expand on the main idea.

Do braces work better than invisalign. I have gaps in between some of my teeth and I was wondering if invisalign would work better than braces for me?

No they do not.. There are big disadvantages of Invisalign to consider. The disadvantages of Invisalign may include: Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign . The Invisalign system is for adults and cannot be used if baby teeth remain. Children and younger teenagers will requ (MORE)

How can you whiten your teeth without goin to the dentist?

You can strengthen your enamel. You could use Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste. You can use Crest White-Strips, those work well. They can get expensive running a months worth for maybe 30 bucks. DO NOT buy the white light's unless you buy a good brand, as the T.V. one's are a bunch of bull. Watch your d (MORE)

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The SEE method of S tatement, E xtension, and E laboration enables you to shed light on a subject by providing a more complete analysis or description.

What are the steps of the SEE method?

Statement: Write a sentence to convey a main idea Elaboration: Provide further information to amplify the main idea Extension: Restate or develop a main idea

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Is laser teeth bleaching a safe alternative to other bleaching methods?

"It is a safe alternative and requires much less time than other bleaching methods. Other methods can be done in your home, but often take quite a bit of time to successfully complete them. Laser bleaching has to be done at a professional's office, but takes one visit and it is done."

What is Gram staining method used for?

the purpose is to determine diffrent kinds of bacteria based on their results. if it'sgram positive the color will be pink and if it is gram negative the color will be red.

What you do to get your teeth straight without going to the dentist?

While the best way to get a straighter smile is to get braces from an orthodontist or dentist, there are some products you can use at home to realign your teeth. The SmileCareClub from Sharper Image is a new and massively popular product. You also can try Invisalign or similar products.

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What are some methods for whitening teeth naturally?

This depends on what you mean by "natural". Simply not eating or drinking foods and beverages that stain your teeth are a good place to start, but to actually whiten your teeth requires a bleaching agent. This is what is in commercially available whitening products, such as Crest Whitestrips. There (MORE)

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What is a good method for whitening teeth at home?

A good method for whitening teeth at home is through the use of professional grade whitening strips. Local drug stores and grocery stores provide very effective teeth whitening products at affordable prices.