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The abbreviation for circa is c. or ca.
It is generally used inside parens, and here is an example:
The journey began early in the century (ca. 1820), but the explorers became lost and returned emptyhanded after only a few months.
It is generally avoided outside of the parens and the word about or approximately is substituted as shown by this example:
They moved to the Oregon coast in about 1820 to begin building their dream.
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What is a circa date?

A "circa date" is an approximate date used when the exact date of an event is not known.

Origin of circa?

I believe it was the Greeks who started circa or possibly the Romans.

What does circa stand for?

Circa is a Latin word meaning "about," "around," or "near." If a document says someone was born "circa 1874," for example, it means that person was born around 1874, but the

When was circa invented?

"Circa" was not invented. It is a classical Latin word meaning "about" or "near." Because classical Latin was used in many European writings until the 19th century, and even l

How long is circa?

The Latin word 'circa' means 'around'. In genealogy, it is used when we don't know exactly what year an event happened, but it was around the date given.

What is IT an abbreviation for?

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What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).
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What are the usages for circa?

"Circa" is Latin for "around." It is mostly used when describing prehistoric dates. The abbreviation is c. Example: Bronze-working in the Shang Dynasty started c. 1500 BC.