Is there any other scary maze games?

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Go to youtube and type in scary ghost
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Is the scary maze game scary?

Yes,well not really unless if you're a little girl. At the end this girl pops up or there's this zombie that pops up. Improved Answer The scary maze game is rea

Why is scary maze game scary?

Because at the end of one of the levels a scary face pops up out of nowhere. but actually it can be funny! if your smart ,you can hake that face and make it funny! or

How is the scary maze game scary?

It is scary cuz at the end of level three, if you pass it, it shows a picture of a scary image and frightning music. How it scares you is when ure on level three you need more

Is 'scary maze game' scary?

If it's, "Scary Maze Game. Can you make it to Level 4?" It showsthat 80's or 90's movie, " The Exorcist." It screams at theend and it shows a creepy face. I would NOT recomm

Can you beat scary maze game?

someone asks this no the point of the game is to scare the player but let me tell you my story of this game its about my first time playing this.Way back when I was like 5 my
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Is scary maze game scary?

Not really. A face just pops out of nowhere on level 3. it is thegirl from the movie "The Exist". I don't know if I spelled thatright.