Is there any rule that prevents an ambidextrous pitcher from throwing with either hand to the same batter?

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Harris, (pitched with both hands as an Expo in 1995) was with six clubs over a 15-year career. When he was with Boston, word of his odd talent got out and Bobby Brown, the American League president, gave umpires these rules: The pitcher must indicate which hand he intended to use. The pitcher may change arms on the next hitter but must indicate the arm to be used. No warm-up pitches between the change of arms and if an arm is injured, the pitcher may change arms and the umpire must be notified of the injury. The injured arm cannot be used again in that game.


earlier this year in 2010 in a minor league game there was a situation with an ambidextrous pitcher who was pitching when a switch hitter came to the plate. After about 15 minutes of the pitcher switching hands and the batter switching sides of the plate, it was determined that the pitcher must declare which hand he will pitch with, and cannot change until the next batter. It is now a rule for MLB
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Can a relief pitcher in major league baseball come in and throw just one pitch or does he have to pitch completely to one batter?

  A pitcher who enters the game must pitch at least one full at bat. The only exception to this is if the pitcher suffers an injury during warmups or while pitching to the (MORE)

What is ambidextrous?

  ambidextrous     Ambidextrous means that you are able to use both hands efficiently.It means that you can write with both hands. That's at least part of it.Ambi (MORE)

Why do left-handed pitchers throw to left-handed hitters?

Left-handed pitchers pitching to left-handed batters, and  right-handed pitchers pitching to right-handed batters have an  advantage over the hitter. A curve ball or slider (MORE)

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Why do right handed batters in baseball hit better off left handed pitchers?

  The answer is because left handed batters hit worse off left handed pitchers. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is spin. A left handed pitcher will more (MORE)

What is 'ambidextrous'?

  Ahh, I am ambidextrous.   It basicly means you can write and do things as easily with both, your left and right hand. With niether having more difficulty. For example (MORE)

Has any baseball pitcher struck out 27 consecutive batters?

yes there has in usa baseball a pitchter in a high school game in Ohio he's name is r.l eisenboch i don't know if its spelled right thought Not in MLB or the minor leagues. Bu (MORE)

Can a left handed pitcher fake a pickoff throw to first base?

A left handed pitcher can fake a throw to first base so long as the pitcher disengages the pitching rubber with the pivot foot (in this case, the left foot) prior to feigning (MORE)

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