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Of course! Jesus is the Lamb of God, Mary is His mother. White represents His purity and innocence. Jesus "followed Mary to school," meaning He preached in the Temple. It was against the rules-- the Pharisees and Sadduces had Him persecuted because Jesus (the Lamb) was preaching against them. Still, "It made the children laugh and play." The people were happy because Jesus brought them salvation. Hope this helps!
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Why did Mary have a little lamb?

So there could be a nursery rhyme about it. Mary had a little lamb - her doctor had a shock. Because that's how the song goes and if she didn't have a little lamb the song

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BAGABBBAAABBBBAGABBBAABAG, my way bagabbbaaagg then let go of the recorder and still blow then it is bagagag

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It seems to me that she was a shepherd. That's my best guess. That is, according to the Nursery Rhymes video I have. I'm not sure if Kindergarteners even get those any more. I